We Live in a Moral Universe

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid...

We live in a moral universe. It is a universe that has choices and values from which we can choose; e.g. love over hatred, obedience over tyranny, or right over wrong. Within this framework our Creator has endowed mankind with freewill in order that he might exercise this freedom rightly and choose the good while rejecting the evil, thereby cooperating with Christ in the salvation of his own soul. This freedom is essential to our faith and without it we would be no different from the beasts or worse yet, relegated to an existence of complete and forced servitude. Suffering and death are necessary in such a universe. For without them, our choices would have no meaning or consequence; Evil would reign eternal with the Good and neither would have more relevance or worth than the other.

Freedom is not, as many are given to believe these days, the right to do whatever we want. It is the right to choose correctly, that which is in accord with our moral standard, which is God Himself. To make ourselves the standard by which we live is to have a fool for a king. It is precisely this type of moral freedom, which is largely responsible for this age of existential tolerance; a philosophy that says we must live in accord with our own individual moral code. We might call it the “I’ve got to be me” or the “I’m OK, you’re OK” syndrome.

God is not the god of tolerance. He is the God of Love. He does not merely tolerate people, but loves, even to His brutal death on the cross, all the human souls that He has created. Pray tell what can be more precious in this universe than our human souls?  It is the only thing for which God has deemed important enough to live, suffer and die while clothed beneath His veil of human flesh. Likewise, the primary mission of His Church is precisely the same – the salvation of souls.

It is true that God bears our faults and that we should do the same for our neighbor; for we should imitate God’s zeal for the salvation of souls; for one another’s and especially our own. The sinner must always be loved but the sin must never be accorded tolerance. Do I want my sins tolerated? Or worse yet, do I want to be tolerated? The answer in both cases is no. I want to be loved by God – and by the testimony of our Lord and His Church this desire is assured. By our reciprocal love of God and obedience to faith, our salvation is promised.

Thereby we love the sinner and hate the sin. We recognize that there is good and evil in the world and exercise our freedom to choose the moral over the amoral. We strive to live according to the objective standard, the same standard of our universe, which bears our Creator’s mark. For our Creator is a moral God and His Creation is marked with no less than His indelible seal. There is objective Truth and an objective Morality. We have the freedom to pursue our eternal happiness, which is the sure consequence of our abandonment to God’s Will and our persistent love of Him. For to love His Standard is to love Him who created the universe and all the souls for which He died in order that we might live. Thank the Lord, that God is not a tyrant but a loving Father to whom we owe loving obedience. Praise Him Who loved us first and will not abandon us to our dark desires but bears with us in love that we might freely choose only Him. Thank God for giving us the honor and dignity of living in a moral universe.

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