One Lovely Blog Award

Being new to this whole thing, I had no idea that simply being nominated entitled me to display that picture on my website. I thank Terry of 8 Kids and a Business for the nomination and my very first award. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now to fulfill the criteria of the award (see comment below):

1. I’m 65 years old.

2. I’m recently retired.

3. I have 2 children, 1 son and 1 daughter, neither of which are married and are doing fine in their fields: Dr. in Pharmacy and owner of a Beauty Salon.

4. I’ve been married to the same woman for 34 years come the Feast of St. Padre Pio. She is the DRE and the Pastoral Associate for a large church and has her MTS (Masters in Theological Studies) from Ave Maria University. I hope to get her to write a few posts for my blog in time.

5. I came into the Catholic Church 20 years ago after studying with a fine old priest who has now passed on to his final reward. Once retired he said Mass in his home in Latin for both myself and my wife on a daily basis.

6. He and his best friend ,a Monsignor became, my best friends and my mentors in the faith until their passing. Both were very traditional and I helped the Monsignor write a book that he always wanted to write on the Lamb of God Theme in the Bible. He loved to hand out the small book to people he met right up until he was institutionalized for the onset of Alzheimer’s.

7. A priest who had found his vocation when he was in his 50’s at a retreat given by Fr. Benedict Groeschel (there was a special mystical happening that sealed the deal) became my first and only Spiritual Director though he has also now passed due to a long illness.

So I am grateful for the good,orthodox and very traditional priests who helped form me and I miss their company and good advice that made my journey easy in the first years though I sorely miss their guidance. I may write a bit more about them in future posts.

I have been blogging for such a short time my picks for other nominations will have to be short. But for now, here they are:

1. Keep Life Legal

2. My Hope Box

3. Public Catholic

4. The Reluctant Road to Rome

I love these blogs and hope you will too.


6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

    • I hope that my editing of the post is OK. Being a newbie, I’m still trying to figure out how to set up my blog and how to work all the widgets and find out what they all do. Thanks again.


    • Thanks for the idea. In fact, I have thought that in time, I would pay tribute to each of these three spiritual men. I just want to make sure that I do justice to their memory. It makes it hard to write about as I was very close to them and much of what I knew of them was almost intuitive. However, I am thinking of condensing the Monsignor’s book into a series of posts that gets accross his main teachings on the Lamb of God Theme because it truly is a remarkable study about how God developed the theme in the Old Testament that Christ finally consummaated on the Holy Cross. God bless.


    • No problem. I think a number of Catholics would be interested in your conversion story and interested in following your growth within the Catholic Church. We need more young people with your passion for the faith.


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