Study: Atheists Have Lowest ‘Retention Rate’ Compared to Religious Groups

Study: Atheists Have Lowest ‘Retention Rate’ Compared to Religious Groups.

6 thoughts on “Study: Atheists Have Lowest ‘Retention Rate’ Compared to Religious Groups

  1. Interesting, but hardly surprising results. Kids who are raised on complete lies, when they learn the truth, will leave those lies behind them.

    I would suspect that the adults who were ‘made’ atheists, probably had something traumatic in their lives that made them angry at God, and their newfound atheism is more of an attack against God.

    One factor that makes the study flawed, however, in my opinion, is that those adults who admitted to being raised in a religion and then becoming atheist, still have much of their lives ahead of them. It would be interesting to learn how many of those adults turn back to faith in God before their lives are over.


    • I agree. Why I thought it was interesting is that I was in a small debate with an atheist at another Catholic site and he was claiming that just as many Christians leave the faith as atheists who find faith in God. I only wish that I was armed with this recent poll.


      • It is interesting, and would make a great tool in such a debate. It’s another piece of evidence of the fact that our souls hunger for God, and every religion out there is an attempt to satisfy that hunger. Atheism is nothing more than an attempt to both deny that the hunger exists and deny that there’s a very real ‘food’ that the soul needs. That can only last for so long. Filling the soul with nothing is hardly satisfying. Sooner or later it must receive real sustenance.

        Also, as I mentioned in my last comment, I think for many atheists, what they’re really expressing is not disbelief in God, but rather anger at God, and their ‘atheism’ is nothing more than at attempt to deny God, much like a son angry at his father and who refuses to have anything to do with him. In his heart, he still knows God is real, but he won’t acknowledge that fact out of his anger and perhaps fear.


        • It brings to mind the quote of St. Augustine that “our hearts are restless until they rest in thee, O God.” If I were to guess, I would say that an even higher percentage of fallen away Christians return to their faiths than the average atheists. You are right that there is a rebelliousness in all youth. We send them off to College and they are bombarded with atheistic thought from every side: teachers, peers, science books, philosophy books and almost in any courses they might take. I think that marriage, if it is a sincere marriage where the partners give themselves over to one another fully and embrace the gift of children start returning to God when they see the miracles of both love and of new born life.


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