8 thoughts on “Does It Really Matter?

  1. Powerful and meaningful article. And as always, much to think about. I was baptized at birth into the Catholic Church, but then grew up as a Southern Baptist. I and my wife went through RCIA about 7 years ago to become Catholic, so I missed out on many of the older, more traditional ways of doing things. I do think that kneeling to receive the Eucharist would be more sacred and meaningful, but I haven’t seen any churches in my area that celebrate the Eucharist in that manner. Maybe, and hopefully, with enough voices raised, we’ll bring back the older traditions like this one.


    • I am also in the South and have been relegated to not so many choices for Mass. Before I retired I was able to find more traditional Masses when I was on the road. But I long for the day when we can regain that feeling of holiness and sacredness that drives us to our knees without a word of coaching from anyone. That’s how I feel when I can get to the old Latin Mass of 1962 (the Tridentine Rite). If you can find an FSSP Mass (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) that you can travel to, I would highly recommend it. It is completely in communion with Rome and they only say the older Mass.


  2. Just read this on a post: “As long as the Hosts are consecrated by a priest, it doesn’t make much difference to me personally who distributes Them.”

    Is it just me, or does the indifference to whom Our Lord is entrusted to carry around a church and protect from falling and being trampled on, suggest a serious lack of strong Catholic education and deep thinking?


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