New Head of CDF Dissents from Certain Doctrines of Faith

New Head of CDF Dissents from Certain Doctrines of the Faith – THE REMNANT


5 thoughts on “New Head of CDF Dissents from Certain Doctrines of Faith

  1. Editors note: There is nothing I hate to do more than publish stories that reflect poorly on the Church. Because, I have never read Archbishop Gerhard Müller, I cannot be sure of the accusations that are present in the piece, and therefore, I sat on this news article for some time. However, I am also aware that the Church has always and everywhere battled heresy, apostasy and scandal; for Satan desires Her and is vigilant in his attacks against all that is holy and flies in the face of God. Just as Christ was tempted by Satan, the Church is as well; She is not immune. I believe that if true, this article shines light where it needs to be shone. Stories like this become the canary in the coal mine that helps us see the silent and odorless poison that lurks just around the next bend. It was the same when the Church awoke to see that the whole world was Arian and yet we rid the Church and the world of this heresy in God’s good time; in large part because of the work and suffering of St. Athanasius. The same could be said for many of the other popular heresies we have fought over the centuries. We must pray for the Church and for Archbishop Gerhard Müller if this report should be accurate; holding to heresies and beliefs that are in direct opposition to our deposit of faith is unacceptable and needs be purged. We should neither be surprised or outraged but put on alert that we are each called to defend the faith as it was delivered to us and leave it intact for our posterity. Catholics are called to a life of spiritual combat through our Sacrament of Confirmation and should take this vocation sincerely. Wage this war with love and great confidence in the promises of Christ that the gates of hell will not prevail against Her.


  2. In fact Archbishop Mueller is disliked intensely by modernists in Germany for his insistence on obedience to Rome. It seems he has ignited passions on all corners. So hehas been set upon by many much like Cardinal Ratzinger was when he was appointed to the CDF.

    I agree with you it is wise to always be on guard.


    • I had heard such stories about him as well. It is part of why I thought I needed to put a caveat to the post. Satan loves to stir up confusion and is the father of lies and we all need to keep that in mind while rumors are rampant and truth is sometimes hard to ferret out. Thanks FrFred for your input.


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