Australia: dog receives communion at ‘Inclusive Catholics’ Mass : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

Australia: dog receives communion at ‘Inclusive Catholics’ Mass : News Headlines – Catholic Culture.


12 thoughts on “Australia: dog receives communion at ‘Inclusive Catholics’ Mass : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

    • Okay….I finally tried to watch the video. I had to shut it off after about three minutes. It reminded me of the way people talk in some of the extreme new age cults. My brother got mixed up into what’s known as the I AM movement, and I can listened to several monologues, from him and from others, that ultimately made me want to remove my ears so I wouldn’t be able to hear any more. The woman in the video has definitely stepped over the line into the realm of insanity. I feel sad for her, as she has wrapped herself in many layers of psychobabbleian (If this word does get coined, remember I used it first here, as far as I can tell 😀 ) lies.


  1. I read about the dog receiving Communion. Speechless! Until I linked on Fr. Z’s blog as per your recommendation. Oh. My. Goodness. My consciousness hurts listening to this. It’s 13 minutes 31 seconds that my carbon-based, multi-cellular life form will never get back. Is she for real? She says she’s never met anybody like her(self)… kidding! Be thankful for small mercies. I at least hope that the LCWR got her at a bargain basement price 😉


    • I know. She just kept going on and on. I had to make myself a tin-foil hat just to get through it! 🙂 She seems to be the product of the condemned writings of Teilhard de Chardin. This is where bad theology leads – to a new cult that is literally in outer space. Did she ever mention Christ, God, Church? Nope.


    • Its hard. Somehow we need to re-educate them and let them decide if they accept or reject the faith. The priests should be doing it from the pulpit but at least they should make sure their catechists and DRE’s are doing as much as they can to grow a new crop of educated Catholics. Unfortunately in this case it is the priest himself at the root of the problem. He needs formal excommunication.


  2. The writings of Tielhard de Chardin are condemned? I was unaware of that. Guess I should burn an unopened and unread book of his that I bought years ago. A friend of mine, a former nun, often refers to him when making statements about The Church. You’d think that she of all people should know better – but then we have the U.S. nuns opposing the Magisterium of the Church. Nuns falling off the path, dogs receiving Communion, and other outrageous acts will not destroy the Church of Jesus Christ.


  3. Thanks for the link, Dave. Condemned in 1962? My friend was a nun then so I’m incredulous. The great Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor refered to de Chardin often. I prize myself on keeping up to date on Church writings but I had no idea about this one. Anyone want to join me in burning a book?


    • It doesn’t mean that everything de Chardin wrote was full of error. He wrote many books and therefore, I am sure that those that read him can find a lot of things that are worthy to be repeated: in fact John Paul II did. Father Barron refers to him in the 10th and last video of Catholicism. But, we are still not to read him for danger of finding some of those errors and taking them for Catholic truth.


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