Orate Fratres: Receiving Communion in the Hand

Orate Fratres: Receiving Communion in the Hand.

I haven’t seen this story in print for many years. It is accurate to the articles and books that I have read regarding this matter. In fact, in the book Why Do Catholics Do That? by Kevin Orlin Johnson, PHD which I use for my Inquiry Class, Dr. Johnson alludes to the underhanded dealings that went on behind the scenes in order to secure this indult for the U.S. Church.


4 thoughts on “Orate Fratres: Receiving Communion in the Hand

  1. I’ve read this recently. Interestingly, last spring, I taught the kids in my First Communion class to receive First communion on the tongue, with my pastor’s and associate pastor’s blessing. The parents were told that this is the way the children were expected to take first communion. All the kids received on the tongue on First Communion day. Unfortunately, as the weeks went on, the kids started receiving on the hand, just like their parents. At least the kids and their parents have had some exposure to receiving on the tongue. Baby steps……….


    • God bless you for trying. We try to tell our converts the same but alas, most revert to what they learn by watching the poorly catechized in Church. I’m afraid there is no way back to a belief that St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Padre Pio shared that nothing should touch the Sacred Species except that which is consecrated unless the indult is revoked by Rome. That would also eliminate the use of extraordinary ministers who like to call themselves Eucharistic ministers. We keep trying but the answer really lies in getting the permission removed.


    • My old mentor constantly said, “We receive communion, we do not take communion.” To foster a firm belief in the Real Presence we must get back to the normative way of receiving communion and shun the indult that was given.


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