Cardinal Burke: anti-canonical priestly culture devastated Church after Vatican II : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

Cardinal Burke: anti-canonical priestly culture devastated Church after Vatican II : News Headlines – Catholic Culture.

Another piece that shows what happens when people refuse to submit to objective law and start making their own standards up. Again, the problems range from those who believe in subjective reality all the way to anarchy. It is the  new unstable foundation of our world, I suppose. The lack of adherence to an objective standard.


16 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke: anti-canonical priestly culture devastated Church after Vatican II : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

  1. Amen. I can attest to how confused things can get. In my parish, the RCIA program is a jumbled, touchy feely, confused mess, that more often than not, leaves the students not sure of even how they’re supposed to be living as Catholics and lukewarm about their new faith.

    I sat in on a class a year ago, and I observed the leader for the night, who was the main person in charge of the RCIA program, deliver a jumbled, incoherent mess that didn’t remotely touch the assigned topic of the night. The man leading the session for the night became rather passionate two times during the evening. The first time was when he began informing the class about Buddhist meditative techniques that he felt would greatly aid us in our prayer life. The other time was when he began raving about the Al Pacino movie, Devil’s Advocate. He went on to tell the class that everyone should watch that movie at the first opportunity, as he felt it was the best depiction of the devil that he had ever seen.

    There are no words to describe the disgust I had by the conclusion of that night’s session.


  2. Cardinal Burke is one of my favorites and I was fortunate enough to meet him at “The Church Teaches Forum” sponsored by Eternal Word last year in Louisville, KY. If memory serves me correctly he gave a talk about the reform of the reform of the liturgy. Cardinal Arinze was also a keynote speaker and he gladly signed one of his books for me. The Forum is held in Louisville each July and I encourage everyone to attend. For more information do a search for Eternal Word and get on its mailing list for information and registration for 2013.

    I do think that the liturgy of the Mass is returning back to normal after the introduction of the New Roman Missal in Advent of 2011. We need, as the song says, “accentuate the positive” about our Church because there are over 2,000 years of positives. Being a Church of sinners we will always find people who more or less go on into the deep end without realizing that they send the wrong message. Martin Luther comes to mind. I’ll stop for now and won’t bother you with more of my opinions that could ramble on and on.


  3. Mea culpa. I provided incorrect information in my earlier response. The Church Teaches Forum is sponsored by Eternal LIFE, not Eternal Word and its website is: The 2011 Forum was all about the Litury. The 2012 Forum focused on vocations but I was unable to attend this year’s event. Last year, Cardinal Burke spoke about “Reform of the Reform”; Cardinal Arinze talked about “The Centrality of the Sacred Liturgy in the Evangelizing Mission of the Church;” and Fr. Roger Arnsparger of Charlotte spoke about “Restoring the Sacred Liturgy: Building a Culture of Holiness and Salvation.”

    I’m trying to organize my office and when that happens I am unable to put my hands on items I need. Perhaps I’m having the same problem with organizing my mind. Now back to the limbo.


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