Two women and a man enter a civil partnership in Brazil |

Two women and a man enter a civil partnership in Brazil |

Marriage just keeps on being redefined . . . aparently with no end in sight. It shows what happens when our laws are not based upon objective standards. Things become, at the best, relativistic, and in the extreme, anarchistic.

6 thoughts on “Two women and a man enter a civil partnership in Brazil |

  1. Why am I not surprised by this? It keeps getting worse and worse and the platform of the Democratic party has included recognition of gay and lesbian marriages. It was either Time or Newsweek magazine that reported on polygamous marriages a few weeks ago. Proponents of that lifestyle hope that GLBT marriages are approved so that they can piggyback and have the polygamous marriage lifestyle approved by the U.S. Congress. Arggh! I sometimes want to bury myself under my bedcovers and avoid the world.

    On another note, I saw the movie “Obama’s America 2016” yesterday and fear that I’ll be having nightmares for at least a week or two. Sorry for commenting on a political issue but the truth must be told.


    • Not at all. I always comment on the sad state of affairs in society and our politics. Honor, courage, people of their word, reputation, have all been taken out of our lexicon for our political appointees it seems. The media, at least, doesn’t think it’s important. Corruption is rampant and we better start turning it around soon.


    • Isn’t that what people should expect when we throw out objective values that have been held for all time? Everything becomes relative and there is nothing left of laws or values that doesn’t reek of anarchy and subjective truths which are anything but Truthful.


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