L’Osservatore Romano, Interfering in religious tradition

L’Osservatore Romano, Interfering in religious tradition.

Is this the road that the HHS Mandate has us following? Once the dike is breached is there anyway to stop the entire dam from bursting if we do not repair the fissure before it widens?

21 thoughts on “L’Osservatore Romano, Interfering in religious tradition

  1. Disturbing story, which I saw somewhere before, in Europe there’s not a chance to stop it.

    On another matter, did you see Jabba’s response on Jess’s last post? I’ve a quite nasty reply sitting in my notepad, which I want to post but would like a second opinion if it’s as offensive as it reads to me. [Yes, I still have my shotgun πŸ™‚ ]


  2. My brother told me that the Germans banned circumcision. Apparently, it’s a traumatic, life-shattering experience or something, which we can no longer permit to happen to poor babies. Even though I knew he was telling the truth, it wasn’t until I read the article above that this event became real. Besides the fact that circumcision has some obvious health benefits, one would think that Germany would never pass a law like this considering their history.

    Some poor Jews in Germany are probably worried about whether another Holocaust is in the future!


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