Heresy, American Style | Daily News |

Heresy, American Style | Daily News |

Discussion on how Christianity has changed over the past 50  years.


6 thoughts on “Heresy, American Style | Daily News |

  1. Hm, I think that’s a pretty good assessment of the four major problems with Christianity today. Although the whole “God within” and alternative gospels predate modernity. I mean they’re both pretty much classic gnosticism right there. I wonder if Douthat mentions that in the book.


      • I have 38 books right now checked out from the local library. Most of those I have no plans on reading in their entirety; there was either a single section I wished to read, or I’m taking a look to see if it’s a book to add to my personal library. However, a good 10 – 15 are ones I’m working on reading in toto. Right now I’m going through Seven Lies About Catholic History by Diane Moczar. Next up is Islam at the Gates by the same author, followed by Triumph by H.W. Crocker. Whew.


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