Do Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God? | Crisis Magazine

Do Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God? | Crisis Magazine.


6 thoughts on “Do Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God? | Crisis Magazine

  1. The social revolution of the ’60’s and the feel-good philosophies of the ’70’s has led to a mistaken belief on the part of many in society who believe that “we’re all the same” and can’t we just all join hands and sing kum-ba-ya and have a beautiful utopia together. While I can’t fault anyone for desiring peace, we take it to much too great an extreme today. Sadly, we’re learning in tragic ways today that we’re simply not all the same, and that all religions and philosophies do not necessarily equate to the same thing, just under different names.
    It is disturbing that all too many people in society ascribe to the mistaken belief that the reason Muslims are aggressive towards us is because of our own actions, that they are simply striking back because of European colonialism. Such people either are not aware of or are overlooking the centuries of Muslim conquest and persecution of those who were not Muslim.
    That’s not to say that we should treat Muslims with derision or hostility; we should defend ourselves in the event of an attack, of course, but otherwise, Muslims are no better or worse than any other group of people, and they should normally be treated with kindness and basic human respect. They are in need of salvation as much as anyone else.


    • Our differences are as stark as night and day. The Muslims see all creation and all flesh as being inherently evil. They don’t have any other agenda than to please the all mighty Allah and do his bidding – and according to the second half of the Qur’an he hates all infidels and wants them dead. That doesn’t bode well for those who want to dialogue with them. Appeasement won’t work with these people as they see appeasement as weakness. So I don’t know why we are dangling raw meat in front of them, so to speak. It will simply enrage them and encourage them in their jihad.


      • Yep. I don’t think we should outright and wholly treat them meanly, but at the same time, as you said, appeasement does not work.

        In a nutshell, treat them with kindness, but if they get aggressive and attack, don’t hesitate to smite them.

        As the old saying goes, “speak softly and carry a big stick.”


        • I guess we pray for them and especially ask Mary to be an intercessor as they do have great reverence for our Holy Mother. But, as you say, we can’t just keep appeasing them: the big stick has got to be in the bag of tricks we carry.


        • Just as with an unruly child that occasionally needs to be punished. One can’t let the brat continue to act out with no consequences or fear thereof. Tough love.

          Although, I’m not sure the old “Because I love you, I have to punish you now. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” speech would necessarily be well received. 😀


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