Thomas Sowell: The Fallacy of Redistribution

Thomas Sowell: The Fallacy of Redistribution.


4 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell: The Fallacy of Redistribution

  1. Another economist, Walter E. Williams, whose columns I used to read every week, once wrote something to the effect “It’s a fine thing for me to take my money and use it to help the poor. It’s not fine to have my money taken by force to help those poor people.”

    He goes on to discuss the spiritual dimensions of redistribution. It does a soul good to use one’s money and resources to help those less fortunate. However, when the government takes money away from a person in the name of helping the less fortunate, it does no spiritual good away from the citizen who gave up his monies. He gets no spiritual benefit from it. Even if he voted for the politician who espouses such policies.


    • That is a great point and one that is, I think, going to be heard from the USCCB soon, from what I hear. The ‘old guard’ who delivered political policy statements from the USCCB has left and the replacement is going to be the man who was appointed to the Denver Archdiocese by Chaput. He is big on charity being taken on by Church members and the Church, not by the government. So I expect a shift of policy coming which I am looking forward to with some anticipation.


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