20 thoughts on “THE WANDERER: Malforming Consciences For Faithless Citizenship

    • Indeed they will. The sad part is that we have co-opted the language of the left, which shows the depressing fact that the Saul Alinsky radicals have made great strides in framing our political speech. Thank God, the article I posted yesterday gives us hope with a new Social Justice head for the USCCB who might turn this situation around in the future. Unfortunately, he won’t have any bearing on this year’s election.


      • That is unfortunate. In many ways I wish the Church would stay out of economics, Christ did not come to set up an earthly kingdom and He does not tell us how to run one – except that we should care for the poor and the widows and practice Christian virutes πŸ™‚


  1. And the Bishops had been doing so well this year, well maybe they’re still dealing with leftover from the 60s like the rest of us. Incidentally, Social justice needs to be scrapped, a thing is either just or it is no.


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