The Bride of Christ? | First Things

The Bride of Christ? | First Things.


2 thoughts on “The Bride of Christ? | First Things

  1. IMHO, this is just another affirmation that Christ is always with HIS Church.

    4 ]……” Jesus said to them, “My wife . .[

    5 ]… she will be able to be my disciple . . [

    6 ] Let wicked people swell up … [

    7 ] As for me, I dwell with her in order to . [


  2. He is indeed but I think if we do find out the context of the writing we will see that it is just another gnostic bit of writing from the era of the gnostics. Though we put those heresies to rest by 451 A.D. they just never seem to go away. That is because the modern day gnostics such as Dan Brown will report them as the “real” truth.


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