From Roman perch, American Cardinal Raymond Burke sparks controversy, exerts influence – The Washington Post

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From Roman perch, American Cardinal Raymond Burke sparks controversy, exerts influence – The Washington Post.

It is a sad day when some would consider those who preach and teach the Catholic Faith in season and out of season as controversial. It should be expected. Those who remain silent on these issues or try to confuse the issues have the look of hirelings who head for the hills at the first indication that wolves in sheep’s clothing are prowling about among their flocks. My question is, why is he an anomaly and not the most ordinary of Bishops?

8 thoughts on “From Roman perch, American Cardinal Raymond Burke sparks controversy, exerts influence – The Washington Post

  1. Oh, Amen! As I mentioned in a comment I posted a couple minutes ago to your post on Archbishop Myers, we need Catholic leaders along the lines of Pope St. Leo The Great. Looks like with Cardinal Burke, at least, we have that. Now if only more will be inspired by him and make a stand themselves. If every Catholic priest and bishop across the country stood up and made similar statements for the press, then they wouldn’t be able to class such voices as rare, throwbacks to an ‘older more intolerant time.’ If every priest spoke out in that manner, there would be no doubt they were dealing with a strong, united church.

    Lay people need to stand up also. When Nancy Pelosi stands up and makes her ludicrous statements, talking as if she speaks for the Church, then a multitude needs to rise and make it clear in the media that old Nancy speaks only for herself and her grossly twisted mockery of Catholic faith.


    • I agree, but what is needed is for their bishop to refuse these high profile apostates the Eucharist until they decide to Confess and attempt to make amends for their scandalous actions. And if they don’t, at least everyone who IS truly Catholic will see the seriousness of holding to non-Catholic standards when it comes to these non-negotiable issues.


      • Amen. Pelosi should have been denied Communion long ago. It might not have changed her mind, she may have just simply joined another church…or not. But the rest of us would have been shown a Church that stands by what it teaches, and doesn’t allow anyone to purposefully dilute or overshadow or attack its beliefs and teachings.


        • I couldn’t agree with you more. It would be an example the whole country would see: not just Catholics. The world would see that the Church stands on Her principles and is willing to purge those who bring scandal when necessary.


  2. Cardinal Burke stated: “To be honest with you, I’m the sort of person who would be very happy not to have to speak out. I’m not a person who by nature likes to do that. But I believe it’s my obligation,” said Burke, who is always affable and remains accessible to the media. “It’s a responsibility that’s been given to me. I try to do it, though certainly not perfectly.”

    Cardinal Burke seems to believe that he has the obligation & responsibility to teach and uphold the faith, that was handed down to him by apostolic succession. Sounds reasonable to me. Obligation & Responsibility. These seems to be too large of a burden for most these days.


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