On the Culture : The Pew Survey’s Most Sobering Result – Catholic Culture

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On the Culture : The Pew Survey’s Most Sobering Result – Catholic Culture.

Not only are the results of this survey shameful but they are an indictment that the Church has done a very poor job in catechizing their flocks. They had better get busy before we lose religious liberty completely.

4 thoughts on “On the Culture : The Pew Survey’s Most Sobering Result – Catholic Culture

  1. Perhaps the ones who are shooting themselves in the foot are the liberal media. I read another article today that challenges the poll statistics. The pew research poll was not done on the scale of the gallup poll with which it compares itself. The claim that there has been a recent surge of Catholics in favor of Obama is probably not entirely accurate. If it misleads, it misleads to assuage likely stay at home voters to do just that, or to win those who vote with the crowd over to the Obama camp. The risk they run by mass publicizing these poll numbers is that they might just awaken the sleeping giant. Or perhaps, this is a sign of their desperation. The sense I get is that the sleeping giant has already been aroused.


    • That is what I am hoping as well. I figure that we can just keep re-blogging and commenting about using an informed conscience before casting a vote and keep waking up some of our sleepy brothers and sisters. I know that I am shifting my focus until this election is over. Every little bit helps.


  2. The Church’s poor job in catechizing is clearly evident in families. In my First Communion class of about 19, at least half the children (6 – 7 yr. olds) can’t even make the sign of the Cross!! Most of these children don’t go to Catholic schools, but some of them do. Even some of the kids from Catholic school can’t make the sign of the cross. How sad is that!! It’s a terrible day for the Church when catechists have to tell the parents “teach your children how to make the Sign of The Cross.”


    • That is the truth even here in the U.S. My wife is the DRE in a large parish (over 3500 families) and the parents teach their children absolutely nothing and the instructions that the kids get from the Church are not practiced at all (no parental involvement). Many don’t know their prayers and are rarely ready to receive their sacraments. So the problem now is that we are dealing with parents who weren’t properly catechized and so their children don’t stand a chance. We need to teach a remedial course in Catholicism for all the adults besides getting the priests to teach them something during their homilies.


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