Lord of the Dance: Catholic World Report

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Lord of the Dance: Catholic World Report.

I don’t know how many of you have almost been propelled to the doors of the Church when this song is sung; but at least now I see why my distaste is so rooted in a visceral response. One might better rename this song Lord of the Flies since the song was inspired by the Hindu god Shiva and the gnostic Acts of John. Why is Shiva and gnosticism in our hymnals? And how did the song get in our hymnals in the first place? See wikipedia history of the song.

Liturgical dance? I guess it has not yet gone completely away. Apparantly it is still alive and well in certain places. This is a bit long, but well worth the read.

7 thoughts on “Lord of the Dance: Catholic World Report

    • My gut reaction to that tune (an old Shaker song) has more than once made me look for the doors. It really has no place in Catholic worship or any Christian worship for that matter. The tune is upbeat and you are not alone in those that just love the song. But realistically, does it speak to your soul Terry? Does it dispose you to a deeper love of Christ? I feel like I’m in an Irish folk bar with clapping of hands and foot stomping. But maybe that’s just me.


  1. For the common folk, these songs serve a huge purpose, they stick with you. I know some of them sound like show tunes, but remember, even the American National Anthem came from a “pub song”., and many classic hymns, too If during the week the Lord of the Dance shows up in my mind instead of, say, drops of Jupiter, then Christ is the theme and it focuses my thoughts aright. (I only wish my modern mind would instead place Panus Angelicus there, or something from Bach, but if, say, Bernadette Ferrel or Mr. Huagen come into my “mental tape deck”, again, at least the theme is God, not lost love or sex or other ideas that can quickly bring one down.)


    • Indeed Ben. But I don’t go to a pub to hear the National Anthem played and I don’t go to the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to listen to worldly, banal music which destroys the atmosphere of prayer and solemnity.


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