Bishop E. W. Jackson to Black Christians

A strong rebuttal of the Democrat party as the party of the black community.

I would love to see our Catholic leaders speak as plainly as does Bishop Jackson. This man presents moral clarity and we need to add our voices to his. Can we be as unambiguous as he?

11 thoughts on “Bishop E. W. Jackson to Black Christians

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    That’s the kind of fire and no nonsense messages we need. I watched it while on break, and it was all I could do not to stand up and give a loud ‘hooah!’ in response.


    • I had the same reaction Mr. V. That is what we need; no pulling punches, just the truth: whether the people are ready for it or not. The Church is charged with dispensing Truth which is Christ Himself. It is refreshing to hear someone speak truth for a change.


      • That is one of the few things I miss from some of the Baptist Churches I attended growing up. I remember some preachers who were no holds barred like that. They saw a problem or a trend in the congregation that was not so good, and they gave it both barrels from the pulpit.

        I remember once in particular, the preacher came up to the pulpit, opened his Bible, and like always, announced the scripture reading so we could all turn in our Bibles to that passage. He announced Hezekiah 3:27-31, and then waited while everyone began looking it up. He stood there quietly for almost a couple of minutes while everyone tried to find the indicated passage. Then he asked in an even voice if anyone had found it yet. He said for everyone to raise their hands if they couldn’t find it, and needed help.

        He then began thundering about our ignorance of the Bible and what’s in it, and how since we didn’t even know what books were in the Bible, how then could we expect to know truth from fiction in regards to things spoken and written about the Bible? Everyone left church that day somewhat shamefacedly. And he was crystal clear that no one was to blame their sunday school teachers or their parents for not teaching them enough about the Bible, and quoted several scriptures about every Christian’s responsibility in reading and knowing God’s word.

        We need priests to deliver no nonsense homilies like that, that hit the congregation where it matters, and make them take action.


  2. Going back to the video you posted, I appreciated that he addressed and dealt with the idea of the gay rights movement linking themselves to the civil rights movement. And I like his quote: “They can go and do their stuff in private. We can’t hide our skin color.”


    • I know he said a lot within a short period of time. I liked that he spoke to planned parenthood but did not, unfortunately, bring up the fact that the founder, Margaret Sanger, devised the idea of abortion to actually perform genocide on the black population. She was a very evil person – equal in her evil to persons such as Hitler, Staling, Mao and others who got involved in genocide.


      • Yeah, it’s too bad that wasn’t brought up. He did make note of the fact that tens of millions of blacks were killed because of abortion, but nothing more specific.


  3. It took a lot of guts for Bishop Jackson to challenge the Democratic party within the black community. He sure got my attention. I have enjoyed the comments between you and Mr. V. I did not realize that Margaret Sanger devised abortion as a means of black genocide.


    • She sure did and it has been covered up by our left wing media for years. And the blacks seem to think Planned Parenthood is a good thing. If only they knew the truth about the evil that lay at the root of its founding.


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