Music to Die For: Catholic World Report

Music to Die For: Catholic World Report.


4 thoughts on “Music to Die For: Catholic World Report

  1. Great article! I always “feel” so refreshed when I attend Mass at a parish with a good choir, a skilled organist, and a tasteful selection of music. The Bernini sculture of St Theresa in Ecstasy is one of my favorites and it appropriately captures the elevation of the heart with joy through participation in the sublime (sorry for gushing here, but that’s what it is). Thanks for sharing this article, Servus. God bless!


    • God bless you as well. I’m glad you liked it. It is precisely what we all instinctively understand when we hear those musical sounds “to die for” as the writer says. It does give us a glimpse of the ecstasies of the saints.


  2. I attended Mass two weeks ago at the Basilica of St. Louis, in St. Louis, Missouri. The music was beautiful: a huge pipe organ with a choir up in the loft. Would that I could have packed up the organ and the choir and transported them to my parish. I’ve had enough of our folksy guitar music arrangements….Though the people involved are nice enough and mean well, I do kinda wish they would start sitting it out and having some more traditional music for Mass.


    • Once these abborations get entrenched in a parish it is very difficult to bring about a change unless you get a new pastor that won’t stand for the nonsense: and they are few and far between I’m afraid.


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