The Normalization of the Abnormal: Common Denominators

However we may want to dismiss it, our society and now a complicit government is on a quest to normalize abnormal behavior. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss just a few of the “newly constituted norms” that many have embraced whether in a Christian church or even if they are completely un-churched. Although there are many other examples, I think that the sexual variety of long standing taboos in society are in many ways responsible for the crumbling of other social norms; replaced, as always by an abnormality. So the issues that quickly come to mind are the following: sex outside of marriage, contraception, homosexuality and the use of infanticide as a viable contraceptive.

There are common denominators in all of these actions, which I will point out as we go along. So the first taboo to fall was the rejection of marriage and the adoption of cohabitation and sexual recreation outside of marriage as well. For Christians this is known to be forbidden and expressed often within the Bible. But for those who are not Christian, they may want to try to use a little bit of logic when evaluating the issue. The purpose of marriage and its institution as a sacrament was to be a holy bond between two individuals of the opposite sex, so that the two become one and that their cooperation with one another would bring into this world new family member to share in the joys and anticipation of a heavenly end to which each and every soul is ultimately called. It is called a sacrament in the Catholic Church because the two individuals are making a sacred vow to one another; a vow to live a chaste and holy life dedicated to the premise of bringing new life into the world and to the giving of themselves unrestrictedly to whatever is necessary to bind their family in a bond of sacrificial love. The Holy Spirit is called on to bless the marriage and to give grace to the new “person” to help them live a life worthy of their call. To abrogate the vows of marriage and simply chase one’s lustful desires is to make a mockery of the true intent of the marital covenant. It was intended to be an exchange of persons; I am yours and you are mine. Anything less than this selfless exchange is a vulgar perversion of Holy Matrimony. Note the selfishness attached to these acts outside of marriage: a rejection of all consequences, commitments and responsibilities. It is a pure act of placing oneself at the center of one’s life.

Contraception is much the same. Many delude themselves into thinking that contraception is not the outright infanticide that constitutes abortion and therefore find nothing morally reprehensible in it. However, many abortifacient drugs are precisely that; inducing abortion at an early stage of pregnancy. Other types of contraception separate the sexual act from the procreative act which, though not technically abortive in nature, is still a barrier between the self-giving of the partners and the action of God in producing more souls; denying his command to “be fruitful and multiply.” God is a self giving God and is always productive in all His actions. His words do not come back to him void. To deny His desire to be part of one’s marriage and participate in the creation of new life is an affront to His will and to His natural law. The most common reasons for contraception these days seem to be for recreational sex and for married couples who do not want the financial responsibility of raising a child. Though natural family planning is a viable alternative to placing a barrier between the procreative act and the action of God, it is rarely practiced even by so-called “Catholics in good standing.” Another common denominator is the rejection of consequences, commitments and responsibilities; a selfish act that has taken the Catholic view of sex as being a holy act, and perverting it into something mundane. Once again we place God in second place and our desire for worldly comforts as the more important criteria for our family planning choices. Besides, it is so easy now and inexpensive as well.

The taboo against homosexuality has latched onto the coattails of unproductive sexual activity and now has entered the social conversation and activism that even includes our governing bodies. In a homosexual relationship there is absolutely no ability to open the sexual act to the procreative. In the natural order of things the mouth was made for eating and the rectum as a sewer pipe to excrete the toxins and waste from the body. Now to remotely think that this activity is in keeping, not only with Biblical writing, but with Natural Law is preposterous. You do not make love to organs that are not made for reproductive purposes. The homosexual lobby has had much success with “educators,” Hollywood elites and now with our law makers; the usual argument is one centered on love, discrimination and equal rights. No matter how compassionate they might frame their argument, the natural law is written on each man’s heart and he knows, at an instinctive level, that these acts are highly disordered. The same sex attraction is one that in many ways could be called narcissism on steroids: making love to oneself or at least to the image and likeness of oneself. Once again we see the selfish disregard for God, for the family and for one another; each partner seeking only to find sexual pleasure for themselves. There is no mutual giving in their acts, only taking.

Lastly, is the intrinsic evil of abortion; which today has practically become a sacrosanct sacrament of self-worship. It is the worship of a person’s choice whether to end the life of the child for their personal reasons, known only to themselves. Choice trumps life. And since Roe v. Wade approximately 60 million children have been denied life in order to triumphantly and defiantly exercise their right of choice. Line up these 60 million babies to be viewed by America and let’s see what the reaction might be among our citizens. But, no, these deaths are quietly and secretly dealt with so that no one sees the mayhem and destruction of human life that takes place in the quiet dark corners of our abortion mills. This is the ultimate form of selfishness because in order to satisfy our decision of what is best for us as an individual is paid for with the life of an innocent victim – a child who did nothing to deserve the death sentence. What crime did the child commit, I might ask? His bad luck, as they might call it, was to be created in the womb of someone who is irresponsible, selfish and lacks the ability to make a commitment to the child.

So the common denominator is obvious: it is a life of selfishness and self-centeredness that trumps any call to be responsible in this life and any call of God to center their journey on the final end of all men and women. For we were made for Him alone and we best start learning to repeat with Our Lord’s Mother, “be it done unto me, according to thy Word” instead of putting our wants, lusts and desires ahead of His. What has been mischaracterized as a “war on women” is in all actuality their “war on God” and nothing good will come of it. Do you really think that God will be the loser in the end? Our elected government leaders better start understanding Who they are really fighting. It isn’t just another political party they’re attacking and they will be held accountable for their actions.

15 thoughts on “The Normalization of the Abnormal: Common Denominators

  1. I think you are right on when you see self-centeredness as the common denominator. Self is really just trying to replace God on the throne.


    • I think so too Peter. Self-centeredness is a product of the sin of pride – the same thing that Adam and Eve succumbed to as did the fallen angels. I wonder if we will ever learn to trust in God.


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