The Flight from Hell | First Things

The lake of fire

The Flight from Hell | First Things.

Are we so sure of our salvation that we run through life giggling and laughing toward the brink of eternal damnation? It seems we no longer believe that hell exists or even if it does, we will surely not go there: the incredible optimism of a misguided world running headlong toward the abyss with reckless abandon.

5 thoughts on “The Flight from Hell | First Things

  1. Hmm….let me get this straight.

    So, there’s no Hell.

    That must surely mean there’s no Devil either. Or if there is, then he isn’t the ruler of Hell, because Hell does not exist.

    If there’s no Devil, and no Hell, well, then, doesn’t that raise the notion that there’s not really any such thing as sin? Or at least, no overarching concept of sin. Sin must be something that feels wrong to us, therefore we punish ourselves when we transgress our own personally held notions of good and evil, but in truth, the only punishment we need fear is that which we subject ourselves to, for God is a God of love and would never condemn anyone.

    Which would mean there really is a Hell, only it’s a ‘place’ we send ourselves to, in response to our transgressions of what we hold to be good or bad, and the Devil is really the flip side of our conscience which does nothing more than point the finger at us and make us feel awful because we broke our own taboos and morals, and that’s what we need God for, to help us break the chains of our own primitive notions of good and evil so that we can be free and in heaven, holding hands and singing Kum-ba-ya together as we dance through the Elysian Fields.

    Now my brain hurts.

    Shakespeare said it best, in his play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: “What fools these mortals be!”


    • I agree that it is a foolish argument that lost Origin the title of Saint more than likely. In his latter years Origin seemed to believe that no one is in hell – God being too merciful. However, your last paragraph is almost correct if you you changed the last sentence to represent the intentional rejection of Christ and His offer of forgiveness and adoption. So in a fashion, we do place ourselves in Hell and God has given us the freewill to do so. With Satan, he preferred to reign in hell rather than serve in heaven. How many others have followed that path? From the witness of those mystics who were granted a look into the abyss of hell, it seems to be full of countless souls who took that path — and it includes priests and bishops as well as the non-religious.


      • It seems to be that not believing in Hell, and the consequences of sin, ulitmately leads to atheism itself and maybe a belief that heaven and hell are what we make of our short lives on Earth and nothing more.


        • I think there is a lot to be said about that. There are so many erroneous ideas today, it seems to be predicated on an individual’s particular wish — not fact nor doctrine.


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