The Tale of Two Religions: Catholic World Report

The Tale of Two Religions: Catholic World Report.


4 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Religions: Catholic World Report

  1. The media today is filled with useful idiots. They have no idea. But let them have to live in a true Muslim state for even a week and their eyes will open and they’ll change their tune. If they’re still alive, that is. They seem to have no conception that under Muslim rule, they’ll be living on borrowed time, and that time will be woefully short.


    • You’d think so wouldn’t you. But even after one of their own reporters was brutally raped during the Arab Spring they kept it quiet and hushed her up — or worse yet, she was such an ideologue that she wouldn’t speak out. I really think that these progressive ideologues have an agenda that supersedes all else in their lives: it is similar in a way to the fanaticism of the Muslims. The Muslims may be useful idiots rather than the other way around: I think we have to wait and see. They all seem to be working in concert or at the very least in tandem to bring about the Soros vision of a world without borders. Once established, we’ll see the ethnic cleansing that will be necessary to clean up the mess that has been left behind.


      • Yeah, true. There are probably some reporters that even upon being led over to the chopping block where there heads will be removed from their bodies as an example of what will happen to infidels, they will still be bemoaning the ‘fact’ that the Muslims are only doing that to them in response to all the horrific atrocities we’ve perpetrated against the Islamic world beginning with the Crusades. Sigh.


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