The Most Holy Rosary – Homiletic & Pastoral Review


The Most Holy Rosary – Homiletic & Pastoral Review.

Let us not forget that the month of October is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and today starts the Year of Faith where we have been asked to pray the rosary on a daily basis.

9 thoughts on “The Most Holy Rosary – Homiletic & Pastoral Review

  1. “It is objected to by some that there is much repetition in the rosary, making it monotonous. The rosary, however, is an outpouring of love, after all. The beautiful truth is that there is no repetition in saying “I love you.” We have no trouble repeatedly professing love of our things, our favourite foods, etc, so why does saying “I love you” to Jesus through the Rosary seem like so difficult for so many? I think one thing we can do in the Year of Faith, those of us who try to have a faithful devotion to the rosary, is to encourage more Catholics to pray the beautiful prayers regularly.


    • I couldn’t agree more. It is good to remind people that October is a special month for the Rosary and that today marks the first day of the Year of Faith. We would all do well to make sure we say at least 1 rosary a day this coming year. We might just reverse this trend toward secularism.


      • It is a great way to witness to the faith. Mother Teresa always carried a number of rosaries with her when she traveled. She would say the rosary almost continuously during her travels. For those that spoke with her about it, she would give them a rosary and an explanation of how to pray it. I wonder how many converts she got by that act alone.


    • I love the monotony of the rosary. The repetition gives me so much peace & puts my mind at ease knowing I have the Blessed Mother constantly praying & interceding for me.


    • I hope you have more luck that I did. My kids protested so violently that the practice lasted about 2 months. But if you are starting the kids out young enough, you probably won’t have the problem I had: my kids were already older by the time I converted.


      • Fortunately my son is very interested and inspired to do the Rosary as much as his mother and I. He came up with the idea on his own as well to make the Rosary part of our family activities.


        • That is wonderful. Once the habit is ingrained, there is a good chance that he will continue the practice throughout his life.


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