THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Signs of the Times.

Based upon its 2012 platform, it appears that the Diabolical Party has yet to encounter an intrinsic evil that is not to their liking. Their platform includes tax funded abortion on demand, right up until the moment that a child is born; free access to contraception, sterilization and abortifacients for all women, funded by employers; universal recognition of same-sex marriages and laws that forbid gender discrimination against LGBT freaks.

And that is what the Democratic platform stands for: abortion, sterility, homosexuality. The single mention of God in their ungodly DNC platform is nothing short of sacrilege.

8 thoughts on “THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Signs of the Times

    • Indeed not! At first, those who support evil are rather stealthy, then they get emboldened but still don’t talk about it much, finally they are bold and arrogant concerning the evil they embrace. It’s all too typical of how evil operates: reminds one of some of the world’s most evil tyrants.


      • Indeed. I suspect that they have reached the stage of not knowing good from evil and therefore don’t even know how to hide any more.


        • You are probably right. They have now reached a point of such ignorance that they truly do not know that what they believe is intrinsically evil. Our, bishops, priest and pastors should all be red faced with embarassment at the ignorance they have helped usher in by their own silence.


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