Bishop Bruskewitz Reflects on His Work for the Church and Calls on Laity to Boldly Evangelize | Daily News |

As he nears retirement, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb., reflected on the importance of the laity in modern culture, observing that well-formed men and women can bring Christ into the workplace and other areas where clergy cannot.

“We have to face seeing people where they are and bringing Christ to people where they are,” the bishop told CNA in Rome March 14.

During a recent ad limina visit with Pope Benedict, the 76-year-old bishop noted in an interview that Catholic laity have an irreplaceable duty in sanctifying the world.

He also had pointed remarks for those who identify as Catholics in the U.S. but work to advance policies that harm the Church and morality. “They have to realize that what they are doing is very serious, and very seriously wrong.”

His comments come after decades of controversy over prominent and politically powerful Catholics who support legal abortion, homosexual political causes and other positions contrary to the faith.

Now Catholic institutions are threatened by federal rules mandating contraceptive and sterilization coverage for their employees and students, with the explicit backing of Catholic politicians like Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and the House’s minority leader, Nancy Pelosi.

Bishop Bruskewitz said the “defects” of recent catechesis need to be recognized as a source of such problems.

“Those defects are reflected sometimes in such phenomena as so-called Catholic legislators supporting anti-Catholic or even immoral things of a gross kind. I think it’s important that we face that challenge,” he said.

Catholics in the U.S. administration backing such policies need evangelization and, sometimes, discipline.

“I would say again and again that we can’t just rely on catechesis,” he continued. “Refusing Communion, for example, to politicians who support abortion is something that we should consider very seriously.”

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4 thoughts on “Bishop Bruskewitz Reflects on His Work for the Church and Calls on Laity to Boldly Evangelize | Daily News |

    • You bet. And it would show Catholics and all the dissenters that there are consequence to abandoning the teachings of the Faith. It would clear up alot of confusion.


        • It is really up to each Bishop to teach their own diocese but it would be nice if they all would get together and teach a message that is in accord with one another and with the defined teachings of the Church. Just having one good Bishop here and there just isn’t cutting it.


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