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Sir Thomas MoreNo matter how powerful or how democratic the government might be, if they should declare something to be a right which is not in accord with the truth of man expressed in the natural law, such a right would not be a law but a usurpation of law.

Voting then must be guided by the truth. It is possible that a person would vote for a given imperfect candidate because even though they found some of their ideas about individual laws repugnant they recognize that a vote for such a candidate minimizes the evil that can be done when compared to an even more problematic candidate whose policies are worse.

For instance, this would be the case with a candidate whose policies would allow for abortion in the case of rape or incest versus someone who supports abortion on demand. This would presume that there was no electable candidate who opposed abortion in all cases. Even though both candidates approve abortion, one would save many babies. Their error has no right to exist but it would be a worse evil to elect the other candidate. Evil is tolerated here because of the possibility of a worse evil and the impossibility of completely establishing good.

Without the prior existing nature as the source for both rights and conscience all morals become relative and then only the most powerful determines even the right to life, who lives and who dies. The most powerful would then  play God. It is only when statesman and voters do not forsake their private conscience for the sake of their public duty that any country can be saved from moral chaos.

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10 thoughts on “Politics for All Seasons – Truth and Charity Forum

  1. The big question here, and it’s one I struggle with, is this: As a Catholic, should I vote for a third party candidate who opposes abortion entirely?

    On one hand, such could be looked at as a wasted vote. Third parties have virtually no hope of getting in, at least not now. The president will be either a Dem or a Repub, period. In that light, voting for a third party would be foolish.

    On the other hand, there’s the notion that by voting for a third party who’s much more in line with our beliefs as Catholics, we’re voting the best we can according to our conscience and beliefs, therefore, we’re more in line with God’s will. Even though that third party candidate will lose, we still stayed true to the teachings handed down to us through our Holy Mother Church.


    • The only time I voted for a 3rd party candidate was when I voted for Alan Keyes. Both times, the vote was merely a protest and the winner was all but determined. Unfortunately, it is only conservatives that seem to have a conscience and have people who would split the vote. I wish there was a viable breakoff partry from the Democrats that would weaken their position – like the Libertarians and the Constitution Party from the Republicans. I think we need to make sure that we get the best of 2 evils if that is what it finally comes down to. If it were a free for all – then I’m with you on picking someone that is in line with my beliefs as a Catholic.


      • Yeah, I agree about the best of two evils, generally. That’s how I plan on voting now. But it is a struggle.

        It makes me wish sometimes there was a way to vote “none of the above”, and if enough people chose that, then the current slate of candidates is wiped off the ballot and new ones must be chosen.


  2. On a different topic, I commented over on nebraskaenergyobserver’s blog about the Ryan girl video, and the notion that the Dems might do a counter video. Can you imagine a video of Nancy Pelosi dancing and singing to the tune of “We Are The World”?


    • In the end, all socialist movements end in that tragic self-adoring notion that the state must serve only them. I fear we are 1/2 way there and about to teeter to the other side if we sit and do nothing.


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