Salve Regina

I am testing out an idea (which I got from my good friend at The Accidental Kansan) to see if you might be interested. I am thinking of introducing Traditional Catholic Music and Hymns, probably on Sunday’s since many have not heard our depth of beautiful music that has been neglected far too long. I am interested to see what you think of this idea.


36 thoughts on “Salve Regina

  1. How about bringing back Benediction with the O Salutaris and THe most beautiful of all Catholic hymns, not just the Tantum Ergo but the full Pange Lingua which I’ve memorized finally and sing along everyday accompanied by a CD from my Benedictine school, St. Gregory’s from England.


    • Did it have the words, David. My idea is to teach people how to sing along and in some cases to understand in English what is being sung as well. That may be too much to ask so I’ll do it when I can and when I can’t, they’ll get whatever I can find. If you find good ones, please email them to me or give me a web address as to where to grab them.


  2. No it didn’t have the words, but my memory goes back far enough where I can remember most of them and with little practice I can sing along with them. finding them with words that’s another matter.

    You should be getting my video in a day or two.


  3. I’ll listen & hopefully learn. My problem is I want to know what is being sung, but since it’s in another language, even with the words, it’s too hard to follow.


  4. Good job, I’m running a day late here, and know little of your sacred music except what has gotten into my world. I too say go for it, I like it a lot, nothing is more beautiful than good sacred music. Thanks.


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