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Old Faithful


Of greater philosophical concern, the nature rights ideology subverts what I call human exceptionalism by elevating the natural world to moral equality with human beings—effectively diminishing us to merely another animal in the forest. Such a reductionist self-perception alone could cause great harm. But by asserting that flora and fauna—perhaps even geysers and other geographical phenomena—have “rights,” the movement degrades liberal principles arising from the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” in the same way that wild inflation devalues the worth of currency. Indeed, if a squirrel or mushroom and all other earthly entities somehow possess rights, the very concept withers.Beyond that, granting rights to nature is intellectually nonsensical. “Rights” can only be understood in the human context. University of Michigan professor of philosophy Carl Cohen put it this way: “A right . . . is a valid claim, or potential claim, that may be made by a moral agent, under principles that govern both the claimant and the target of the claim.” Since only humans are moral agents, only humans are capable of possessing rights.


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I guess from the above we can say that bugs and trees and plants have more rights than a human baby in the womb. That is the liberal mindset of a well-ordered universe in their mind.



3 thoughts on “Old Faithful Should Not Have “Rights” | First Things

  1. It reminds me of that letter which St. Paul wrote which says that charlatans will go from bad to worse. We might actually live to see the day when deer are given lawyers, as one Obama czar wants.


    • I can believe it. You can’t make this stuff up. In the world I grew up in, these ideas would be a laughing stock but today they are actually being seriously considered. You wonder if somebody along the line started feeding people stupid pills.


  2. People seem to get stupider every year. Every month even. This is an older video, but check this out:

    This is one of the first times I can remember encountering a level of stupidity that scared me. The end of the video horrified me. I couldn’t believe people could descend to this type of nonsense.


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