Obama’s “Equality” and “Liberty” for Women – Truth and Charity Forum

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party seem to abhor the fecundity of American women. They tout hormonal contraception, abortion, and sterilization as the trifecta of optimal women’s health. They are so zealous in their pursuit of an androgynous society (deliberate or not) that they are willing to trample on religious liberty to get it as they have unquestionably proven with the HHS mandate.

Read more . . . Obama’s “Equality” and “Liberty” for Women – Truth and Charity Forum.

“Womanhood is not a malformation. Fertility is not a disorder. Pregnancy is not a disease.” – from above article.

19 thoughts on “Obama’s “Equality” and “Liberty” for Women – Truth and Charity Forum

  1. That’s the progressive way, SF. Death through contraception, Death through abortion, Death through euthanasia, Death through murder of the productive. Michelle Malkin is right, it’s a culture of death, and unless something changes it’s going to kill Europe in this century. And if we’re not careful we won’t be far behind.


  2. SF,

    posted over at my place on how to do a Post By Phone, in case you ever wish to do so.

    I agree with NE. It just boggles the mind how any person could wish for his culture and nation to die, for that’s the end result of all this. Achieve a negative birth rate, and it won’t be too awful long before one’s culture is consigned to the history books. If the culture that replaces it even deigns to do so.


    • You are right V. In fact, I believe that white european birthrates are running in the negative numbers now as far as sustainability. It won’t take long before European values and law around the world will be lost to posterity forever.

      I’ll go take a look at how to Post By Phone. Sounds interesting.


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