Ontario Pressures Catholic Schools Over Abortion | Daily News | NCRegister.com

Ontario Pressures Catholic Schools Over Abortion | Daily News | NCRegister.com.

So you think we have it bad here? Just take a look at what we are heading for in the near future if we don’t put an end to this.

4 thoughts on “Ontario Pressures Catholic Schools Over Abortion | Daily News | NCRegister.com

  1. Ridiculus, isn’t it? What needs to be added in the newspaper article is that Catholic taxpayers pay for the Catholic school system here in Ontario. Prior to the Minister’s statement, Ontario Bishops were mostly silent about Bill 13 and it seemed to many practicing Catholics that they rolled over and played dead. The Cardinal’s response has largely been seen as too little too late and lacking conviction. It’s a very frustrating situation. Premier McGuinty claims to be Catholic, his wife has taught in the Catholic school board but their actions are anything but Catholic. And lest anyone think this is the case only in taxpayer-funded Catholic schools, the Liberal government also has their anti-bullying propaganda aimed at private denominational schools.


    • Thank you for your insights and knowledge of the situation. That was sort of my take on this whole thing. It seems that the Catholic Church has not taken a very aggressive role in fighting the government on these restrictive policies at all.


  2. Canada apart from being Socialist is now mainly Secular. Quebec, once a strong Catholic Province has swung even more Socialist and even more Secular all stemming from the end of WWII. Whats more as a result of the swing is extremely strong in its defense of the French Language. This is the result of throwing off both the Church and the over-bearing English rule prior to the end of WWII. The small yet vocal Separatist Party every so often wants to leave Canada and be its own country. Most Canadians, don’t understand nor do they want to understand the French-Canadian and would like to see them leave. both the intended and unintended consequences of this are unacceptable by any reasoning individual.


    • It is almost a given that if a country becomes Socialist it is in the main Secular and that the influence of Catholicism is rendered inconsequential in matters of the state. One naturally follows the other. Europe’s once proud Catholic heritage is in a shambles and Canada has chosen the path. Sadly, we now have 1/2 our population wanting to do the same.


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