Archbishop Chaput on the Politics of Abortion


6 thoughts on “Archbishop Chaput on the Politics of Abortion

  1. Together we stand, opposed to fall. Jesus said, “He who hears you, hears me.” Archbishop Chaput is an orthodox bishop. Follow him as you would Jesus Christ. If only the masses would.


    • If only they would. This is a critical juncture in my mind. In fact, if the progressives get control again before we can reestablish Judaeo-Christian values and morality in this country – we will certainly be in freefall from the cliff into an indeterminate future: communism? fascism? socialism? anarchy?

      Too many people think that the life we had and the life of our forefathers will just naturally happen no matter who is President and who is in the Congress or Senate. They best understand how “good intentioned people” also voted Adolf Hitler into office as well — and we know how good that turned out for everybody.


  2. This election is confusing since both presidential candidates support abortion in the case of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life and their Catholic VP picks agree with them. Our current president and VP actually promote abortion or demand. Romney has persuaded a devout Catholic to go along with his views regarding exceptions for abortions. I will continue to pray that Catholics everywhere follow the teachings of the Catholic Church as they cast their votes. As Archbishop Chaput said, we are Catholics before we are Americans.

    Dave, I wish you would address the issue of prominent, seemingly devout Catholic politicians reversing positions for political expediency.


  3. Actually Betty, Paul Ryan does not go along with Mitt Romney on this issues, he agrees with the Catholic position. He has no say in setting the RNC policy for the Presidential run. His being on this ticket would only be a problem if he cast a vote for abortion at some point to “go along” as you say. I doubt seriously that he would ever do that – he has never done so in the past to my knowledge, but VP Biden certainly has.


    • So, Ryan can say publicly on the campaign trail that he supports abortion in case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother but as long as he does not cast an actual vote for abortion, it doesn’t matter what he professes to the world?


      • I believe when he was explaining to Biden what Romney’s beliefs were as Biden totally misrepresented Romney’s position. I doubt Ryan brings this up at all unless someone asks. They have been pretty much on point about what they actually bring up on their own — fiscal responsibility. But you can’t let someone else misrepresent your running mates position or that of the RNC to make them seem the same as that of the DNC or Obama. It just isn’t true. Even if Romney could somehow amend Roe v Wade to the above instances only, we would save most of the deaths from abortion that we have now. So the positions do have a consequence. I doubt we will have the votes to effect change at all – so the exceptions are moot. However, what does count is that we have several justices that are about to retire that need to be replaced, which is where the abortion battle will ultimately be fought. The other thing is Obama’s rejection of the Mexico City Accord sends taxpayers money to foreign countries and institutions that use the money for abortions. Romney has vowed to reverse that if he gets in office.


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