Everybody Loves a Poll: Please take mine.

Example of proposed site, here.


15 thoughts on “Everybody Loves a Poll: Please take mine.

    • No, but I always run into more news and articles than I would put here. Plus I want to start writing more posts myself again (I think my pinched nerve problem is pretty much over with) – so I ought to be able to write a bit more. At least that is the plan if people like the idea.


      • It’s definitely a good idea. Hmmm…..you might consider seeing if there are others who might be interested in participating and providing articles and news they’ve come across to add to the news blog. Something like that, more people involved, the more potential for variety of news articles, from around the country and maybe overseas, and not be so time consuming for you.


        • Good idea, V. I would like that. In fact, I’ve asked some people I know. Maybe I could get folks like you, Neo, Jessica, and David to help as well. In fact, I would be open to receiving emails with news links from anybody that I am confident would not send sleeze. Maybe I’ll ask the readers in a second poll if they would want to participate and get some more help. My idea is not to comment on the articles myself. I will open it up to likes, ratings and comments of others without any input from myself. Strictly news stories: if the comments start getting raunchy then I will remove commenting – I’m just toying with the idea for now. But it would be something like a Drudge Report for Catholics and Christians that want to see the major stories and the stories that have to do with morality, politics, the Church, the Vatican, the saints and even some articles and homilies from time to time.


        • Sounds like a great idea. You might consider not allowing comments at all, just likes and dislikes. That way, you won’t get a bunch of emails telling you there are comments. Likes and ratings will let you know what kinds of stories have the most appeal, if you wanted to use that to help in the selection of new articles.


          • At this point, that would be great. If it gets going viral, then I would give you access to posting stories yourself. And if it gets bigger than that, maybe I’ll get my own site off of wordpress and monetize it – in which case you would become a sharer in any profits generated. But I’m not looking to make money with it as a primary goal and have no idea how to get a wide enough audience to make it worthwhile. I’ll have to study how you do that and what the drawbacks might be.


        • Hmm….the issue of money aside, once you’re going, you could advertise the news site in your church bulletin, and maybe get others to advertise it in their church bulletins. That might get lots of readers.


        • Yeah, Facebook and Pintrest and sites like that can be very useful for getting attention. Like you, I’m not a user of those sites, and I have little knowledge to pass your way accordingly.


    • That would be great David. I think it would be a great idea to have a Catholic News site more in the line of a Drudge Report: news, articles, homilies, history of the church etc. I don’t know how many would be interested but it’s something I think would be good. Spirit Daily is sort of like that but they have a lot of flakey things there as well.


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