THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: A Chance to Become Free Again

Tough to swallow, isn’t it! But did we really think we could somehow vote our way out of this—with homosexual “marriage” having become the law of the land and the slain bodies of millions of aborted babies clogging the sewers of American cities and consciences? All that was needed for us to be redeemed was another election? Please! Ideas have consequences—and so do the crime of infanticide and the other sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

Barack Obama is not the problem, by the way. We are! Abortion is. Public schools are. A rotting pop culture is. Modernism in the Catholic Church is. Divorce and homosexual “marriage” are. Obama has been reelected because America, like any nation, will always get the leaders she richly deserves. We told God to go to hell a long time ago, and God is merely allowing us to see what life is like without Him. So lead on, Mr. Obama! Thou shouldst not have any power against us, unless it were given thee from above. Therefore, he that hath delivered us to thee, hath the greater sin.

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10 thoughts on “THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: A Chance to Become Free Again

  1. I posted this comment over at Public Catholic, and I’ll post it again here:

    The Church in America is in for some tough times. His judgment is coming down on us, and we need it. The Church in America has grown soft and fat and complacent, and it’s time for a wake-up call. As a culture, we have chosen death as a virtue. Through the heresies of modernism and moral relativism, we have embraced evil and called it good. One need only look at all the ‘Christians’ around the nation who champion the butchering of innocents as a good thing to see how far from God we have fallen.

    Well, Obama, and indeed many of the politicians in Washington, are opposed to the Church and only too willing to take steps to blind her and gag her and beat her into submission. The HHS Mandate is nothing more than a tricky way to further the destruction of Christianity in America. Those churches and Christian leaders who refuse to follow an unjust and evil law are going to find themselves out of their buildings, their places of worship seized by the IRS and converted to cash to pay for their tax liability. Perhaps some of those leaders will be put into prison as well.

    I am saddened, but at the same time, I feel joy. For the time’s coming when our ‘blinders’ will be ripped off and we will fully see what we have wrought. The Church will be tested, and our faith put to the fire.

    I hope that when our churches are seized and our congregations forced out because of our beliefs, that those Catholics who are confused as to what it means to be Catholic, will wake up and realize what has happened, and will get their lives right with God again.

    I hope and pray that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and all other Catholic politicians of their stripe, when they see our cathedrals and monasteries and convents and churches seized and torn down to pay off tax liabilities, will be hit hard in the stomach and realize the truth of what they strove for, and will turn back to God.

    I pray for all those Catholics around the nation who cast their votes yesterday for the furtherance of death in our nation will wake up and realize the evil of what they have done and allowed to happen.

    Above all, I look to the future with joy, for the coming trials will force us to make definite decisions, to either embrace God and follow His path, or fall away from the Church. The faith of those who follow Christ will be strengthened. The times ahead will be hard. America has taken another big step toward the persecution of Christians. We have taken a step towards a land where the Church of God may be forced underground in order to survive. But let us be joyful.

    Matthew 5:11-13:
    “Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

    Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    “You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by men. “


    • Good points Mr. V! The saddest thing to watch is not just the Divided States of America emerging but to realize that the Divided Church of Christ is a reality that we must be vigilant in addressing. When only twenty something bishops spoke out from over 200 in this country, when 1/2 the priests embrace the moral rot in America under the guise of being “pastoral” we need to awaken our Catholic brethren that “modernism” has invaded the tabernacle and indeed the “smoke of Satan” is in the sanctuaries. I fear more for our children than I do for those who are awake to what is going on. Many will be lost and many will suffer but Christ will triumph and we can only pray that we will have the hearts, minds and courage to face the trials that are headed our way.


  2. Many of faith see this as part of the plan. I cannot say that I disagree but I will always fight for what is right up until the time that Christ returns and I will not lay down and say,” just pray. It’s God’s plan.”


  3. I doubt Matt Abbott is saying that we should just lay down and pray. In fact, he has been a harbinger of what is wrong with this county for over 20 years since I’ve been reading him. So he has been critical of those, especially those within the Church who have rolled over the affronts against Christianity in this country. Did the heirarchy of the Church really do enough, speak out loudly, demonstrate, punish those who preached and taught ‘just getting along’ to their members? I have no doubt that we have some house cleaning to do both in the secular and the religious realm to bring us back. It is the same cycle we see in the Old Testament over and over again: first we fall and then we suffer and then we ask God for His help and courage to stand up against immorality, then comes forgiveness and reconcilliation and then they start the cycle over again. It seems like humans never learn from their past mistakes and their history.


  4. My cat thanks you for ‘liking’ his picture. He would also like to inform you that by looking into his eyes, he has embedded the subconcious desire to surrender whatever you’re eating to him or whatever cat happens to be in the vicinity into your brain.


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