Green Bay diocese’s tax status challenged after bishop’s voting letter | Green Bay Press Gazette |

Bishop David Ricken of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.

A Madison-based group that advocates the separation of church and state and once took on Green Bay City Hall for putting up a nativity scene is now taking on the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.The Freedom From Religion Foundation is looking for help from the Internal Revenue Service in going after Bishop David Ricken for what it says is a violation of the diocese’s nonprofit tax status. The foundation argues Ricken intervened in a political campaign.The foundation is asking the IRS to investigate the diocese and take “appropriate action to remedy any violations” of the diocese’s non-profit tax status.

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4 thoughts on “Green Bay diocese’s tax status challenged after bishop’s voting letter | Green Bay Press Gazette |

    • I commented on this story to my wife just this morning saying essentially the same thing: where have they all been since this IRS regulation came about? They should have all stood or fallen together as right is always right and wrong is always wrong. It is not too late though. The bishops should all take a stand and every diocese should speak out against candidates and elected officials that embrace policies and laws that are intrinsically evil. Spineless bishops and priests seem to dominate our 21st centurty Church.


  1. I disagree. I believe the Bishops don’t speak out, because when they do, they don’t get any positive reinforcement from their fellow Bishops, priests or the laity. They walk the plank every time. We all do what gets us praise. We are the ones that need the guts. We need to start talking to our priests & bishops, telling them to adhere to Church teaching. But, then we would be fighting with the priests and my wife would be constantly upset with me. So, do I have the guts?


  2. You are right when you speak of no positive reinforcement from fellow bishops. But they already get reinforcement from their flocks (at least those that are orthodox). The problem is that we have a few (a very few) bishops that speak up, a lot of spineless ones that don’t want to cause a fuss and a good number who believe in a theology that isn’t in keeping with the Church. Now that is a recipe for inaction if ever I saw one. Satan himself couldn’t have picked a better mix of shepherds if he was given a choice in the matter.


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