On The News : Open season on Catholicism – Catholic Culture

It’s open season on Catholicism. In Ireland and in Australia, public opinion is being whipped into frenzy in crusades against Church teachings. In both cases the arguments are thoroughly irrational.

In Ireland, Savita Halappanavar died a horrible, painful, needless death. But rather than mourning her death, and demanding a full accounting of where the doctors went wrong, pundits are blaming the tragedy on teachings of the Catholic Church. We really don’t know, at this point, what caused her death. But one thing is quite clear already: it was not due to Catholic teaching, nor to Catholic influence on Ireland’s laws.

In Australia, there are angry demands for Catholic priests to break the confessional seal. This campaign is fueled by the notion that the seal has protected perpetrators of sexual abuse. There is zero evidence—zero—to support that notion. And there is ample evidence that the campaign against the Catholic Church is tinged by political motives.

Let’s examine each case rationally.

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17 thoughts on “On The News : Open season on Catholicism – Catholic Culture

  1. Reading all the reactionary news articles from Ireland re: Savita Halappanavar is painful since the pro-abortion opinions are groundless. Patient confidentiality laws rightfully prevent the details of this tragedy from becoming public but anti-life and anti-Catholic media have irresponsibly blamed the Catholic church – again. Quotes and interviews from her family members are understandably emotional but they can’t be relied upon for accurate medical details since the family are not unbiased medical experts. It’s sickening how this poor woman and her family are being used as pawns by those who oppose life.



    • Tragic indeed. We remain the Church that the world loves to hate and feels no regrets when being persecuted. We are the new “Jews” of the holocaust, I believe and we will need to keep our eyes wide open and pray for sanity to return to a seemingly insane world.


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