Is Feminism the Supreme Religion? | Crisis Magazine


Two recent incidents have received a great deal of media attention in Canada, raising the question, once again, as to whether secular feminism takes precedence over every other religion. Ontario’s Minister of Education, Laurel Broten, has declared that Catholic teaching is “misogynistic” inasmuch as it opposes woman’s choice for abortion. According to Ms. Broten, “taking away a woman’s right to choose could be arguably one of the most misogynistic actions one could take.” Consequently, the education minister wants to prohibit pro-life teaching in Catholic schools.

Catholicism’s central message is one of love. It has both humanitarian as well as theological dimensions, mandating love for neighbor and for God. Pro-life Catholics believe that abortion is not consistent with love, either for the unborn or for the mother. Now it is stated, in effect, that “choice” in such matters is “higher” than love. Logically, if one chooses hate, then hate must take precedence over love.

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6 thoughts on “Is Feminism the Supreme Religion? | Crisis Magazine

    • Thank you so much Rainey View! I certainly appreciate the honor. But I will tell you as I have a number of others in the past that I decided back when I started this site that I would not accept awards as they tend to make me think more about what people want rather than what I would like to have my site accomplish. I am still experimenting with ideas and have put my own writing on hold until I figure that problem out. Thanks again for thinking of me. You have quite the conversion story, I must say. God bless you.


  1. The Canada that I knew during WWII is quite different now. It’s one that doesn’t appeal to me in the least, though I’m half-Canadian and through my family attached to its entire history. It’s lost it way socially, politically and above all spiritually.


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