As Episcopalians move toward split, questions and painful decisions remain – Local / Metro –

Episcopal Future

South Carolina Episcopalians are headed for a painful split now that a majority of Lowcountry Episcopalians have sided with an emboldened Bishop Mark Lawrence in his standoff with, in Lawrence’s view, an increasing liberal and theologically-wobbly national church. But questions remain about Lawrence’s authority to engineer a secession of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina from the Episcopal Church, which was approved by a majority of delegates Saturday at a special convention called by Lawrence in Charleston. At issue, too, is the status of those Lowcountry Episcopalians who don’t agree with Lawrence’s decision to disassociate. At least 12 congregations among the 75 in the Lowcountry diocese have expressed a desire to remain with the American church, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

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4 thoughts on “As Episcopalians move toward split, questions and painful decisions remain – Local / Metro –

  1. As the result of the Reformation, some Protestants both here and in England, wanting the public to see themselves
    as progressive and fill the pews, ordained women priests and some even women Bishops. The CofE wants to follow

    Having thrown away the Magisterium and the Apostolic Succession learned to read and write they suppose they
    can re-interpret the Holy Spirit to their own ends and at the same time still have the HUBRIS to call themselves

    For sure, they can do what they want, yet must reap the whirlwind as the Churches in the US have already.

    It’s a Pandora’s Box once opened it cannot be closed.


    • David, I won’t even give them that small amount of nobility in their reasons. I really think it is more sinister than simply appearing somewhat more appealing to the masses. I think they genuinely would like to remake the Church into Woman Church and Homosexual Church as they are driven more by Ideology than by so-called social justice issues. They are being used by Marxists, as their ‘useful idiots’ to destroy what God has built.


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