Things like this make us ashamed to be called Catholic

Holy See welcomes UN recognition of Palestine

CWN – November 30, 2012

The Holy See is welcoming the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to grant Palestine the status of a non-observer member state.

“Today’s vote manifests the sentiment of the majority of the international community and recognizes a more significant presence to Palestinians within the United Nations,” the Holy See stated in a communiqué. “At the same time, it is the conviction of the Holy See that this result does not constitute, per se, a sufficient solution to the existing problems in the region: which, in fact, can only find an adequate response through the effective commitment to building peace and stability, in justice and in the respect for legitimate aspirations, both of the Israelis and of the Palestinians.”

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6 thoughts on “Things like this make us ashamed to be called Catholic

    • Well, I do understand that Vatican City is a country that is represented in the UN and it is a great shame that they would vote against Israel and the U.S. on this matter and take sides with the likes of the Palestinians and other nations that would just as soon behead Christians as they would Jews. Their human rights history is about as bad as it gets. And on another front, the Palestinians is an oxymoron as they are not an indiginous people that are deserving of anything special. The muslims within Israel fare far better than those without. The problem for them is that they have to abide by the laws or Israel and must allow religious freedom for all peoples. I think it sends the wrong message to the world and to those many Catholics that stand with Israel against these regimes that would like to annihilate all of us. Better to remain quiet than to take the wrong side. At least that is my humble opinion and that of many Catholics that I know.


      • But are we really taking their side, just by letting them have a voice in within the discussion? If we refuse to even engage with them then we seem to be working contrary to what the Church is about. Jesus didn’t refuse to associate with the Pharisees and Sadducees. Rebuke and oppose, yes. Shun completely. No.


        • I understand your point Nate but I also know the history of our discussions and dialog with them. We and the Isaelis have appeased them time and time again and nothing changes. There was within Catholicism a number of times when it was right to stand against Islam and there should be again. Had we not, we would all be Muslims today as they surely would have taken all of Europe. We must stand for something and I’m all for rebuking and opposing but the appearance here is that we are doing neither. Shunning or condemning is something the Church has every right to do: as Jesus spoke to the Pharisees to their faces, “you brood of vipers.” And other things as well, as you know. I accept your take on this latest political position from the Holy See but it is in a long line of things like, accepting a one world set of laws set up by the UN and the acceptance of Global Warming which has been proven a complete political sham of those who would like to regulate our lives from a larger government intrusion into our lives. I just think that Vatican City is taking the wrong side in the world political arena on a number of issues. History will tell us who is right or wrong but I doubt we will witness the outcome on this side of Heaven. I would pray that the Holy See and your opinion are correct but I just can’t see it.


          • Call me old fashioned, but anything that could help move them forward and stop the taking of innocent life is a step in the right direction. Isreal has a right to be a country that exists without the fear of violence, but the same should be said for the Palestinian people. Who knows, I get all wrapped up in that Prince of Peace thing.


        • Old fashioned is good and so is the Prince of Peace. But I think that what they have just won is a permanent bully pulpit to spout their hatred and desire to eliminate the great and little satan from the planet which they just did recently in the UN. Why we want to give them the opportunity to continue that “discourse” is beyond me. As I say, they are not interested in anything other than the destruction of all religions but their own. No amount of talking will appease their blood lust. I guess I’m just too old and tired of seeing appeasements to these people turn into more demands and more violence. Appeasement has never worked – but, sad to say, strength did in the past and I think it would now. If history is a teacher, my wishing that talks will finally appease these folks is a bit like looking at the situation through rose colored glasses. I’d love to think it will help – but can you name one instance where it has?


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