No Hate Speech Here, Of Course!

This just in from Times Square. As long as they let us keep our precious religious liberty, we’ll sit back and let them defile Our Lord as much as they like. That’s the American way! Soldiers of Christ? Us? Puh-leeze!

May God forgive us.

via THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: The Christian Life.


6 thoughts on “No Hate Speech Here, Of Course!

    • Yeah, Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter makes no difference to them – but Santa Clause and Easter Bunnies are an entrenched part of our worldly culture and should not be messed with. It seems that atheists have now become a religion of sorts that is not tolerant at all: imagine that?


  1. I wonder how many people when they pass the suffering Lord in this sign, bow in respect, with the true knowledge that is suffering and have tear spring to their eyes. The sign is a true message of Christmas and of hope and the commandment take up your cross and follow me. Step by step courage grows or it dies. We as Christians are to make up the suffering lacking in the suffering of Christ, this is a chance to do so. St. Polycarp would welcome this sign.


    • I am sure that in this brave new world of ours we will have innumerable chances to make up for the suffering lacking in Christ if we caress the crosses as did our Lord. Let’s hope that there are a few who will deny themselves, take up their crosses and follow Him.


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