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The student congress at Harvard, America’s most prestigious “institution of higher learning,” as the euphemism goes, has voted to provide funds to a campus group promoting sadomasochistic sex. Members of the Love and Fidelity Network, a group promoting chastity before marriage and faithfulness within, voice their opposition, and are widely denounced and ridiculed.

A female professor of philosophy at Queen’s University in Ontario writes a book whose title asks us to consider why we should have any children at all. The word “marriage” does not appear in its index. “Marriage” is, however, on the mind of an obscene advice columnist named Dan Savage, who believes not only that a man may marry a man, but that a man can marry a man. He commends a loosey-goosey attitude towards adultery, and school districts across the nation commend him in turn, holding him up as a model of tolerance. At one school, this model spits out a volley of venomous abuse against Christian students, who leave the hall in protest, and thereby become objects of general contempt.

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4 thoughts on “Another Ordinary Year in America | Crisis Magazine

  1. The way of the world in A.D.2012 is “You’re OK as long as I’m OK. But, If I’m not OK, you’re wrong, and you shouldn’t have a right to even think, much less say so. God created me as I am and I don’t need the Church, the State, the national government, or my neighbor telling me what to do.” So what we have is an uncivilized society full of individuals that can’t agree about the common good. Lord have mercy.


    • Alas, the loss of “common ground” among mankind. We cannot even find it even within our own ranks as Christians. Sad, but the blood of martyrs is always required when evil encompasses our world. I doubt it will be any different in our own day.


      • As the post RORATE CÆLI: Ignorance of Christ over at News for Catholics points out and ends with: “this homily sums up the whole history of the Church: the rejection of Christ by his people, his acceptance by many Gentiles, and final rejection by the world, including nations which had once accepted him.” Ah, if only we could reduce out ignorance of Christ, we made be able to find that common ground.


        • Indeed and the failure of nations is but an expression of the failure of ourselves individually. It is my own ignorance of Christ that let me accept the moral erosion that gave evil a foothold. As Ann Barnhardt so aptly states in her Boston Youtube Video from last year, it is I who has crucified Christ, no other, me. Real change comes by individual recognition of our own rejection of Christ and His message of redemption.


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