Think St. Gabriel Possenti . . . Obama’s America Turns Meek Me Into A Gun Owner: THE WANDERER

By DEXTER DUGGAN PHOENIX — After the December 14 Newtown, Conn., school massacre, liberally inclined Washington Post writer Melinda Henneberger, a Catholic, said the left is correct that guns kill people. But who of any persuasion would doubt that? Guns, that is, plus human evil intent.

However, she added in a December 18 blog post, “the right has a point, too, about the ‘Culture of Death,’ in the language of John Paul II’s Gospel of Life.”

Henneberger wrote, “If gunsalone — or even guns plus lousy treatment options — were the entire problem, why were no little red schoolhouses fired on in the Wild West, where everyone was armed and mental illness completely untreated?”

Moral codes have been ejected faster than spent cartridges.

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3 thoughts on “Think St. Gabriel Possenti . . . Obama’s America Turns Meek Me Into A Gun Owner: THE WANDERER

  1. “The tyranny of tolerance trumps everything else; and it will have its way over all of us,” so states Regis Martin. Without societal norms we all feel more insecure. We wonder whether our neighbor knows right from wrong, truth from error, and acceptable from UN-acceptable. Can we have a reasonable and rational discussion with a foul mouthed, ill tempered, gang member that breaks into our home? Or just turn the other cheek? No, I think I’ll choose to arm myself and my guardian angel with a new bandolier.


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