Barnhardt on Veils

As I have written about previously, there is NOTHING that will send a lesbian neo-pagan heretic witch nun into a full-on conniption fit as quickly and surely as a CHAPEL VEIL.Which is reason enough, right there, why EVERY woman should wear a veil whenever she is in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. If it makes Sister-Comrade Crewcut flip out, then it MUST be a deeply, deeply good thing.But I’ve got more mind-blowing theology to drop. Let’s start with this axiom:

We veil that which is HOLY.

Okay, so what do we veil? Or, what are we SUPPOSED to veil? At this point, you poor people stuck in the Novus Ordo are just going to have to trust me.

The Tabernacle is veiled. The Tabernacle physically contains Our Lord in the Eucharist, therefore the Tabernacle is obviously holy. In fact, it is the Holy of Holies. (The Communist-homosexualist infiltrators stopped veiling the Tabernacle – heck they tried to get rid of it altogether in many parishes, because they don’t want you to know or believe that He is physically there.)

The Chalice is veiled. The Chalice is the container in which the Precious Blood is consecrated and reposes. Therefore, the Chalice is obviously holy. (Again, Novus Ordo people have probably never seen a Chalice veil. It’s all part of the satanic plan to desacralize the Mass and convince the people that the Mass and Eucharist are “a symbolic meal” and “no big deal”.)

And, what else is to be veiled?


Why? Because women are the vessels and containers of life in their wombs. And, as we discussed, women reflect the vulnerability and responsiveness of Our Lord upon the altar at the consecration of the Eucharist. The Church has always taught, from day one, that women are to be veiled so that men will be reminded of the HOLY DIGNITY of women, and so that the women themselves will remember and live their lives in accordance with their own dignity.

And these stupid lesbian nuns shriek and bellow that veiling is DEGRADING. They are so far gone all you can do is pity them in their utter insanity.

Now the tie-in with the priest leaning down and putting his elbows on the altar, reflecting the marital embrace. When a husband is engaging in the marital embrace with his wife in the proper physical position (yes, face-to-face, with the husband above is the proper conjugal position – anything else is disordered at best, and gravely sinful at worst), the husband is VEILING HIS WIFE’S BODY WITH HIS OWN BODY.

When the priest puts his elbows down on the altar at the consecration, the priest is literally VEILING OUR LORD’S BODY WITH HIS OWN BODY. And remember, the Mass is the GREATER reality, and the marital embrace of husband and wife is the LESSER reality pointing mankind to Our Lord and the Mass.

Could this all be any more achingly beautiful? Seriously.

Top Image: Veiled Tabernacle
Bottom Left: Chalice Veil
Bottom Right: Veiled Woman in Prayer at Mass

Hat Tip on this piece to “Fr. Formaggio”.

6 thoughts on “Barnhardt on Veils

    • We have lost the teachings and have no desire to re-learn them. We are content to belong to a church that “does good” as we see good. We are social workers at best or cultural Christians as are the majority of Jews today. Our purpose in life is no longer ordered toward our creator but centered on justice (especially for ourselves and our disordered desires). So women don’t want to be women and men have ceased becoming men it seems. The natural law is lost on most of us and the only laws that count are the laws of public acceptance and public approval. We continue to walk upon the web that Satan has woven until at last we are ensnared and devoured — and it is a monumental job to try to free an ensnare prey from the sticky wicket they willingly entered into. A web seems like a nice resting place until one finds that while lying there, there stalks another who wishes to eat them for lunch.


  1. As someone who only knows the Novus Ordo Mass really well, this article goes too far in criticizing that form of the Mass. Everyone I know regards the Mass with great reverence. They just display it in a difference manner than fans of the Tridentine Mass. However, the article made a ton of great points on how veils convey a dignity to women and the comment on sister crew cut was priceless.

    Then, the comment about the proper position of the marriage act seems a little absurd. It’s difficult enough to get married people to understand that they must not use contraception and that all conjugal acts must remain open to life. Go further than that, and people begin to think that the Catholic Church is too constrictive, prying, and scrupulous. It’s rather like the Jewish Christians insisting on circumcision.


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