Bp. Sheridan: the Fishwrap is “an embarrassment to the Catholic Church” | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Posted on 23 February 2013 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

You know that I am now calling Fishwrap (aka National catholic Reporter) the National Schismatic Reporter.


You know that Bp. Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph finally called out the NSR and pointed out that his predecessor determined that it was not a Catholic paper. The NSR HQ is in KC.

This is in from LifeSiteNews:

Colorado bishop: National Catholic Reporter ‘is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church

by Patrick B. Craine

COLORADO SPRINGS, Feb. 22, 2013, (LifeSiteNews.com) – A Colorado bishop is supporting the local bishop in his call for the National Catholic Reporter to drop the name “Catholic.”

Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs told LifeSiteNews.com in an interview this week that the national paper is “an embarrassment to the Catholic Church.”  [oorah!]

In January, Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City, where NCR’s offices are located, published a column reminding the paper and the faithful that NCR has been forbidden from using the name “Catholic” since 1968.


“I believe exactly what [Bishop Finn is] saying,” said Sheridan. “That is a big deal for me…I don’t understand why some of these publications use the word Catholic when in some of their editorial stances they stand absolutely opposed to Church dogma.”

Even if the paper continues to defy the bishop, he continued, churches should “absolutely not” make it available to parishioners on their magazine racks.


Nevertheless, the paper has remained defiant. “NCR is proud to call itself a Catholic publication,” wrote Thomas Fox, the paper’s publisher, on January 27th. “We report and comment on church matters including official teachings. We also report and comment on those who call into question some of these official teachings.” [Note the code language… “official” teachings.  For the NSR there is the “official” church, which they can ignore or diss as they will, and there is the, what to call it, “groovy” church of Chicago-style voting on doctrine, etc.]

Fox also pointed out that NCR is a member of the Catholic Press Association, which is approved by the Catholic Church.

The National Schismatic Reporter… journal of record for schismatics and heretics.

Fr. Z kudos to Bp. Sheridan!

via Bp. Sheridan: the Fishwrap is “an embarrassment to the Catholic Church” | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?.

12 thoughts on “Bp. Sheridan: the Fishwrap is “an embarrassment to the Catholic Church” | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

  1. So good to see you back, dear friend – you’ve been much missed 🙂 x This is an excellent piece, and raises the whole issue of why some periodicals which preach heresy are allowed to call themselves Catholic.


    • My friend Steve made me do it – says that we need to get the word out. There are still many people who see this rag as a Catholic publication – when it is far from the truth. I’ve been busy setting up a second iMac desktop and now have ordered a backup for my entire network so it shouldn’t be much longer before I officially return (just want to make sure everything is operating smoothly before I jump back in). Thanks for the encouragement Jess. 🙂 x


    • Thank you NEO. I’m experiencing a bit of a spiritual desolation at the moment so I have dedicated myself to preparation of my home network: and an ongoing fight with the non-responsive Microsoft Corporation to do the right thing by me (promises yet unfulfilled and little help and still no resolution to some problems I have with cashing in on the “free upgrade” they sold me which they can’t seem to find a way to get it accomplished. Hope the headaches will go away soon and get back into the swing of things soon. Good to hear from you. 🙂


      • Yep, Microsoft is often like chase a goblin around a round barn, no corner to trap it in but, eventually you’ll find a solution, and you’re surely missed. 🙂


        • Yeah they seem to have no conscience between what they promise and what they actually deliver. Once I get my backup installed and a few other peripherals I should be ready to do almost anything: maybe even finding a way to create an income steam on the internet: I’m also looking into that. If I find something that works, I’ll let you know. 🙂


  2. The National Catholic Reporter sends invitations to subscribe to me about three times a year. I trash them and am happy to see that I’m doing the correct thing. Good you’re back, Dave. I wondered about your absence. Let me know when you’re ready to try that limbo dance once again.


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