Dreher: “Pope Francis only confirms my decision to leave” the Catholic Church. A HARD look at where we are.

There is an intense piece by Rod Dreher over atTIME.  The whole thing is worth a close look, but here are some longish samples.

NB: While I disagree with Dreher’s decision to leave the Catholic Church, I sure understand how he got to that point and I have to agree with a great deal of what he says about the squishyformless pabulum Catholics have been fed for decades. Dreher, offering a salutary warning, also makes a connection between the destructive “spirit of Vatican II” and its potential replacement, a “spirit of Francis”.

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4 thoughts on “Dreher: “Pope Francis only confirms my decision to leave” the Catholic Church. A HARD look at where we are.

  1. I read the Time article by Dreher and found most of the comments on the article believing it was good riddance that he left the Church. I don’t know where he met all the priests he condemns but it surely is not my experience with the Church.


  2. Hi Betty. I guess I’ve seen some pretty egregious priests and Masses over the last 20 years so I thought Fr. Z’s comments on the article were interesting as well as Dreher’s observations on the Spirit of Pope Francis crowd that is starting to show up.


  3. These are times that try men’s souls. These are our times, so here we are and now what are we going to do about it?. It seems to me we have only one choice – to stay, offer it up and make it better.


    • Indeed so Cherie. What would our spiritual fathers in the faith and our saints have thought of those who abandoned spiritual combat when it is presented us. Do we surrender or go into hiding? There is no place to hide when the Church needs good men and women to resist the temptation to abandon the Bride of Christ: and there is only one bride as Christ is no polygamist.


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