Did the Church which Christ Established Come with an Expiration Date?


There is a popular and recurrent theme amongst many non-Catholic Christians that the promises given to Peter and Christ’s gift to him of the keys (to bind and loose), is not indicative of an office per se but a one time gift to Peter and that when Peter died so did the keys vanish with him. Likewise, using the same logic, the powers given to the Apostles after Christ breathed on them and gave them the power to forgive sins was also buried with them at their deaths. Thereby, any Christian Church is no better than any other as nobody has a special gift of the Holy Spirit to lead them to all truths. It died when the apostles died and its a great way to avoid any notion of there being any reliable and lasting authority in the practice and teaching of Christianity no matter the claims.

I like to be logical about these things so here is what bothers me about such notions.

If that is the case then all churches have become corrupted in their belief, teachings and their practices; as fallen creatures, men have a habit of doing that. There is thereby no inerrant authority to pronounce on a doctrine and there is no authority to stop the next generation from altering or actually opposing what was taught previously. There is neither a way to evaluate one church against another nor the changes that are on-going that may and do overturn previous teaching. It is simply ‘growth’ and ‘development’ due to the times and each church has a right to do as it sees fit. Even if people sit up and claim that they are not syncretists or believers in relativism it is all that is left unless an authority is still alive and working in this world.

If we believe that Christ sent us the Holy Spirit to dwell in the Church and to lead it to all Truth then Christ let us down or the Holy Spirit decided to lead a large variety of separate beliefs even though they hold contrary doctrines and teachings. That would make the Holy Spirit capable of blessing the notion that 2+2=4 in one church and 2+2=5 in another church or any other novel answer that a church might come up with. Now that kind of authority is not authority at all but permissiveness which claims that error is on a par with truth. And I doubt that is what Christ had in mind when He said that He would not leave us as orphans; can it really mean that he’ll support whatever anybody wants to believe in their own version of Christianity?

Sadly, if these gifts died with the Apostles, then the Nicene Creed and the Canon of Scripture were simply unauthorized man-made decisions that have no actual authority to compel one to believe them. And if we do somehow believe these for some personal reason, there is no authoritative reason that each of us should understand and interpret their meaning in the same way. A free for all ensues religiously and we are really no better off than the personal preferences that the pagans had for the gods of their choice. We are free to do as we like and nobody is right and nobody is wrong. Its only defensible in as good as to the extent of the cleverness of the particular apologist of each individual church. For if they think that a personal belief, without a church, is all that is needed then we are all our own Church. In fact, if no church has a mediate divine authority given it from God, the immediate authority, then these people without a church are the most honest of all Christians . . . because Christ neither founded a Church nor did He send the Holy Spirit to guide Her.

Furthermore, is there also an expiration date on the necessity of Baptism, or of holding a basic faith belief; and is it enough to say that God is Love and Mercy and that nobody will suffer loss and that all will find heavenly beatitude? For we can refer to Scripture and interpret our new form of Christianity based upon our own personal preferences. For me; I think I very much like the idea that we all go to heaven and nobody will suffer. But others are free to make up their own minds and who is to say that they are wrong? Certainly not an authority that had a very short expiration date which died with the apostles. So, Who am I to judge? All is simply relativistic and your truth is as good as any truth; entirely subjective.

It is very alluring to think that because we hold certain truths in common that the churches are basically the same. And without a clear authority that is the only conclusion one could rationally come up with if we are to believe that Christianity is not a hoax. In fact it follows that Christ reneged on His promises to the apostles and to the Church He founded.

So I chose the Catholic Church and think that it is the still the Church that continues to have the authority that was vested in Peter and the apostles. For if it no longer exists then Christianity in my mind no longer is believable and is totally devoid of any veracity that it may once have had. In fact it seems to be a proof that it is all a fraud.

Thank God, however, the dogmas and teachings of the Catholic faith are never overturned and continue to operate within our body of faith, until the end of time as we know it. We do not one day awake and decide that contraception is now OK, or that same sex marriage is now acceptable. We argue these issues and there are some who would love to change our teachings; but alas, they can’t. It is the protection of the authoritative nature that I would have expected the Church founded by Christ to have built into Her very DNA. And that is why I am Catholic. For without this assurance I am not sure that I would believe anything at all or perhaps I would believe that reality itself is but a dream made of fairy dust.


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      • You can certainly add me to the group. I can work back and forth and heck I may share on both–a good way for double exposure. You had some good pieces, and I wish that you could also save some of the fantastic comments on the “other blog.”

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    Servus defends the Apostolic traditions and doctrines of the Church. I remember reading this when it was first posted, it’s a good read and worthy of a repost. The Catholic Church, which is the Church established by Christ and entrusted to St. Peter, is how Christ has chosen to continue to touch his disciples today, in his holy word, and by the sacraments of the one true Apostolic Church.

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  2. The use of logic may be a better tool in these times. About 5 years ago in July, I sat and wrote a list of statements of logic about human sexuality which, for the most part, I think that we should be able to know and accept through basic human reasoning. In other words, secularists, relativists can not easily assign the source of reason to a particular, named religion: they are compelled to admit logic, reason (and then ask, “From where does this logic, reason come?” and “Wait a minute. This doesn’t really make sense. Why am I being illogical and unreasonable in my thoughts?”)

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