A Call to Arms?

An excellent piece by Geoffrey Sales on the site All Around the Western Front.

All Around the Western Front

christianity in crisis

This site has been long dormant, but feeling it might one day be needed, never quite put away.

To renew its presence on the Internet, I want to start by stating something – namely that our Christian faith is facing a crisis. You might say what’s new? To that I’d return the answer that it is becoming plain that the hopes of those ‘ethicists’ who imagined that a ‘good society’ could be created in the absence of the ethical foundations laid by Christianity, were misplaced. That’s not to say that non Christians cannot be ‘good’ – that would be absurd, but it is to suggest that in the absence of a common moral framework, it gets more and more difficult to talk about ‘values’ in a way we can all sign up to. Even the simple ‘right to life’ is now a contentious issue.

As even the Guardian, not the…

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