Queries and doubts occasioned by Francis’ words… |

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Queries and doubts occasioned by Francis’ words…

134 – Jesus was stained by sin?

133 – The Papacy as an institution needs a conversion? It does not perfectly reflect what Jesus wished?

132 – John the Baptist doubted that Jesus was the Messiah?

131 – To forgive sins, the priest does not occupy the place of Jesus Christ?

130 – The Church must be reformed according to the world?

129 – To follow the Church’s moral teaching is to be pharisaical?

128 – Ecumenism with other confessions does not aim at attracting all to the Church?

127 – Christians and muslims share common points in their holy books?

126 – The Church is responsible for the Anglican schism?

125 – The Church should adapt her evangelizing labor to the world?

124 – Is it possible to obtain spiritual fruit and to give glory to God in other religions?

123 – The Church no longer teaches fully the entirely truth?

122 – Our Lord Jesus Christ needed to beg for forgiveness?

121 – Faith is built by us? It is not received

120 – God’s only reply to evil is love, mercy, forgiveness in the Cross of Christ?

119 – Grace is the quantity of light in the soul?

118 – Differences between the true Faith and Lutheran beliefs are only a question of interpretations?

117 – God loves obstinate sinners with tenderness?

116 – Gentleness must be above truth?

115 – The Church spent two thousand years without knowing how to proclaim the Gospel in the most accessible way?

114 – To be a good shepherd it is necessary to never condemn anyone and to get ‘dirty’?

113 – To see Christ in the marginalized means leaving them where they are or raising them up to Christ?

112 – The ‘Bread of Life’ discourse is not about the Eucharist? It was better interpreted by the protestants?

111 – Jesus is only mercy?

110 – Catholic doctrine on private property has changed?

109 – Is Christ no longer the center of the Gospel?

108 – The Quran is a prophetic book of peace?

107 – The Incarnation came about for God to learn to be a man?

106 – Lay people assuming the role of priests?

105 – Adulterine unions are no longer considered irregular?

104 – The Christian faith is the same as the Muslims’?

103 – Can good-will replace theology?

102 – What is the family for the Church? Any type of union?

101 – The holy anger of Jesus is only pretense?

100 – Is sin compatible with the religious life?

99 – Do Catholics and muslims worship the same God?

98 – Sects no longer exist, and now everyone is the ‘church’?

97 – The Social Doctrine of the Church endorses the socialist reforms that Francis proposes?

96 – Can youth be formed with neither God nor religion?

95 – The care of men is the most important thing in the Church?

94 – Can a Pope defend communist ideas?

93 – Francis at the World Meeting of Popular Movements?

92 – Can the matrimonial bond suffer a rupture?

91 – The Church must be poor?

90 – The divorced and remarried are not excommunicated…but, do they enjoy God’s friendship?

89 – The Church is closed in on herself and ailing?

88 – Francis says that there is no explanation for suffering. Is that true?

87 – Ecumenism justifies leaving out Jesus Christ in order to pray with Jews and Muslims?

86 – Is it possible to be anti-clerical and Catholic at the same time?

85 – Can Catechesis be compared with yoga or zen?

84 – Can anybody be chosen as godparents? What does the Church think of divorce?

83 – The Pope and the people: who should invoke the divine blessing for whom?

82 – The blasphemous crucifix of Evo Morales should not offend Catholics?

81 – Why does Francis ask everyone – atheists, communists, muslims, schismatics – to pray for him?

80 – Did Jesus rebel against the Father’s will on the Cross?

79 – ‘Outstanding in solid faith’, primary requirement of the Code of Canon Law for Episcopal nominations has now passed on to a secondary place?

78 – Must Christians always humble themselves before all the rest?

77 – A good theologian should ‘have the odor of the people and the street’?

76 – Laudato si’ (III): “I would like to offer Christians a few suggestions for an ecological spirituality”

75 – The order established by God in the created world has changed after the encyclical Laudato Si’?

74 – What should a Catholic think about the Encyclical Laudato Si´?

73 – The evangelization of the Americas did not benefit the indigenous peoples?

72 – The Church and the Papacy can be transformed into something democratic, horizontal?

71 – To offer thousands of rosaries is a bad thing?

70 – Christians are revolutionaries?

69 – Equality is the source of justice and happiness?

68 – The multiplication of the loaves was only a symbol?

67 – Communism is good? It is concerned about the poor? It has similarities with the Church’s social doctrine?

66 – The Eucharistic fast…a dictatorial burden?!

65 – Good vibes, positive energies, prayers – all the same thing?

64 – Sins are a motive for joy and salvation?

63 – The Church learns about God’s will from the people? Her teachings on the family must be adapted to the times?

62 – Did the Virgin Mary rebel against God?

61 – What did Saint Paul really say about boasting of our

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9 thoughts on “Queries and doubts occasioned by Francis’ words… |

  1. Great site! Lengthy and thorough. Too much so, lots of times for me. There format is also hard to follow. I find myself going back and forth. But, they surely answer the question from several authoritarian sources.

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  2. Just a comment about your right column, sites I follow. Now be honest, you don’t follow 38 sites. It might be best to whittle that down a bit. Although, I may be wrong. Have been in the past, just can’t remember when. 🙂

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