Brexit: The Disconnect

Another view of Brexit by Father Hugh.

Dominus Mihi Adjutor

As the dust settles after last week’s UK referendum in which England and to a lesser extent Wales voted the UK out of the European Union, some things are becoming clearer.

The first is that the Leave campaign had no real blueprint for how Brexit would be effected. It is hard to imagine another context in which voting for an option so vaguely and inadequately outlined would even have been countenanced. It is as if most of the leaders of the Leave campaign only began to believe that they might win in the dying days of the campaign. Certainly we are hearing in the media that numbers of those who voted Leave did so thinking their vote would not count, and “Regrexit” has now been coined to cover those who repent of their vote to leave.

This itself brings into sharper focus the reality of why people voted as they…

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3 thoughts on “Brexit: The Disconnect

  1. Fr. Hugh writes like he thinks all of multiple problems he states will happen. I would tend to think we should take a deep breath and carry on. 2, 6, or 18 months down the road I believe most of the doom and gloom will have lifted like the fog.

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    • I tend to agree Steve. The UK has lived all of its history taking care of their own national and international affairs and regulating their economy. Why has the last 40 years become the ONLY way for them to continue? It has brought as much ill as good and in my mind far more ill. They will sort it out unless there are no longer peope in the UK of the caliber that did this in the past. If that is the case then it is certain that this too is a result of the EU who has made its member states subserviant dependents upon this body politic.



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