The Devil, You Say?

This is an excellent article written my the late Antonin Scalia’s son. You can read the whole thing here.


News for Catholics


Three times in his speech at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, Cardinal Sarah described gender ideology as “demonic.”

More recently, Oklahoma City’s Archbishop Coakley used the same word addressing the issue.  So did Bishop Paprocki of Springfield regarding gay marriage.  A strong word, to be sure.  But most people misunderstand why.  Some take “demonic” for mere hyperbole.  Something is not just bad, but really, really bad.  Others see it as rash judgment of opponents — literally demonizing them.  Still others take it as just an overstatement by religious fanatics, who are unhinged anyway.

But “demonic” is a sober and sobering assessment of the thought behind gender ideology.  It’s not a judgment of people’s intentions.  It doesn’t mean that those who endorse gender ideology are demonic or possessed.  It means, rather, that the reasoning and results of that philosophy — no matter how innocently held — line up with the…

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2 thoughts on “The Devil, You Say?

  1. “Demonic” was the word that came to my own mind when I first read about the transgender campaign – and I meant it in exactly the way that Fr Scalia means it: the vicious tactics of Satan to deface the image of God in men and women.

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    • Indeed so, Francis. I thought it an interesting presentation about how even the fallen angels are jealous of our ability to cooperate with God in creating new life (or souls) . . . something those ‘superior’ beings cannot do. It shows that this is the real dignity of man, with both body and soul, is created by procreation and his marriage is aimed primarily at procreation. Anything that devalues that or makes a mockery of marriage is demonic for sure.


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